[ecoop-info] Last Date Extended (April 30, 2014): Call for Papers: International Multi Track Conference on Sciences, Engineering & Technical Innovations organized by CT Group of Institutions in association with Punjab Technical University on 3rd & 4th June, 2014

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Thu Apr 24 15:35:27 CEST 2014

Please accept our apologies if you receive multiple copies:

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 *Dear **Academician/Researchers/Students*:


We are delighted to share this with your good self that CT Institute of
Engineering, Management & Technology (CTIEMT), Shahpur, Jalandhar under the
patronage of *CT Group of Institutions*, AICTE, DST, PSCST& PTU is
organizing an International Multi-Track Conference on Sciences, Engineering
& Technical Innovations from June 03-04, 2014. This international
conference is having an objective of inviting learned human resource from
India and abroad, to share their valuable
Research/Contributions/Scope/Opinions related to advancements in
Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, Applied Sciences and
We Indians are transforming ourselves into the ‘Knowledge Society’. The
rapid growth in Research and Development reflects this transformation. A
large number of multinationals and IT Giants are opening their R & D labs
in India. Not only these companies but also Government is trying to attract
young talent towards research. College teachers are also asked to spare
some time for research component. But for a newcomer, path in the field of
research is not very straight forward. He/she has to struggle a lot to
clarify doubts about various aspects of research. What exactly research is?
In my subject what exactly I am supposed to investigate? What shall be the
depth of my study? How research is measured? These are the few questions
which hang the research aspirants into dangling state of mind. We are
organizing an international level conference for such research aspirants on
June 03 & 04, 2014. You have already established your work with several
years of research experience. Your guidance regarding research problems in
your field, your approach, national-international status shall be
enlightening to the participants.
*CT Group of Institutions*, is an established multi-faculty educational
group in North-West Region of India; inculcating the entrepreneurial
culture in the enthusiastic new generation of students through quality
education in various technical and non-technical fields, viz.; Engineering,
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hotel Management, Business Administration,
Biotechnology, Airline Tourism& Hospitality and many more. In a short span
of time, CT Group has established sixteen professional institutions
offering 55+ U.G. & P.G. programmes in its two well-facilitated campuses
efficaciously providing quality education as well as ideal environment for
You are invited to submit a paper for consideration. All accepted papers
will be published in printed conference books/proceedings (ISBN). The
selected papers will be published in the reputed journals.
*    “CT International Journal of Information and Communication Technology
(I2CT)”* ISSN Number: 2321-7316
*      Journal of Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical Sciences(JBPS)*

*IMTC'14 is composed of a number of tracks, including: tutorials, sessions,
workshops, posters, and panel discussions. The conference will be held June
3-4, 2014, CT Institute of Engineering, Management and Technology,
Jalandhar, Punjab, India**.*
*SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:*
*Track 1: Computer Science Engineering/Information Technology/ Electronics
& Communication Engineering*

Data Mining • Expert Systems and artificial Intelligence • Digital Signal
Processing  • Multimedia Signal Processing  • Image Processing and Pattern
Recognition  • Robotics  • Information & Communication  • Optical and
Wireless Communications  • Internet Technologies • Ad-Hoc and  Mobile
Communications  • Wireless Sensor Networks  • Concurrent, Distributed and
Parallel Computing  • System Modeling and Simulation • Soft Computing •
Optimization Algorithms • Embedded Systems • VLSI & Digital System Design •
Cloud Computing •Antenna & Electromagnetic • Bioinformatics •Control
Systems etc.

*Track 2: Mechanical Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Electrical Engineering*

Civil Engineering: Modern Trends in Civil Engineering • Building Energy
Conservation and Green Architecture • Bridge and Tunnel Engineering •
High-rise Structure and Large-span Structure • Municipal Engineering • Town
Planning • Water Resource Engineering • Transportation Engineering •
Geotechnical Engineering etc.
Mechanical Engineering: Design and Manufacturing Engineering • Materials
Science and Engineering • Mechatronics and Automation • Industrial and
Systems Engineering • Textile and Leather Technology • Automobile
Engineering • Production Technology • Avionics etc.
Electrical Engineering: Electric Drives and Control • Power Generation,
Transmission and Distribution • Smart Grids Technologies & Applications •
Renewable Power Generation and its Efficient Utilization • Electricity
Market in Smart Grid • Power System Engineering & its applications •
Electrical Machines • Instrumentation Engineering etc.

*Track  3: Pharmaceutica&BiotechnologiaScientia*

Stem Cell • Environment Science • Food Technology • Healers • IPR Scenario
• QBD • Entrepreneurship • Pre-clinical Models • Pharmacovigilance •
Regulatory Aspects • Clinical Documentation • CADD • Molecular Screening •
Structural Analogues • GPP • Data Management • Chromatgraphia etc.

*Track  4: Applied Sciences*

Recent trends in the advancement of Physics • Environmental Science-
Innovate or die• Communication Skills- to connect with World • Green
Chemistry: the need of the hour • Application of Mathematics in Engineering
& Technology etc.

*Track  5: Technical Innovations/Management & Education*

Globalization: challenges & opportunities for industry • Technical
Innovations and world of advertising • Sustainable Growth & Development •
Manpower training for organized & unorganized business sector • Management
of Change • Market Competitiveness • Evolving technologies for
manufacturing and improving products • Cost, Price & Profitability
Management • Quality management aspects • Business potential in upcoming
fields viz. Nanotechnology, Food Tech, Biotech, IT etc •Corporate Social
Responsibility initiative using technical innovations etc.

*Important Dates:*

*Registration Open*

*March 1, 2014*

*Paper Submission Open*

*March 1, 2014*

*Paper Submission Close*

*April 30, 2014*

*Notification of Acceptance*

*May 5, 2014*

*Camera Ready Submission*

*May 10, 2014*

 Submission of Regular Papers:
Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers by uploading them to
the evaluation web site at*:
*Alternatively, you can submit the paper on below mentioned e-mail id(s):*
*Track1imtc14 at ctgroup.in <Track1imtc14 at ctgroup.in>  **Track2imtc14 at ctgroup.in
<Track2imtc14 at ctgroup.in>  **Track3imtc14 at ctgroup.in
<Trac3imtc14 at ctgroup.in>*
*Track4imtc14 at ctgroup.in <Trac4imtc14 at ctgroup.in>  **Track5imtc14 at ctgroup.in
<Track5imtc14 at ctgroup.in>*

 Submissions must be uploaded by April 20, 2014 and must be in either MS
doc or pdf formats (maximum 5 pages including all figures, tables, and
references - single space).
Papers must not have been previously published or currently submitted for
publication elsewhere. The first page of the paper should include: title of
the paper, name, affiliation, postal address, and email
address for each author. The first page should also identify the name of
the Contact Author and a maximum of 5 topical keywords that would best
represent the content of the paper. The name of the conference track that
the paper is being submitted for consideration (i.e., TRACK I) must also be
stated on the first page of the paper as well as a 100 to 150-word
abstract. The length of the final/Camera-Ready papers (if accepted) will be
limited to 5 (two-column IEEE style) pages.
Each paper will be peer-reviewed by two experts in the field for
originality, significance, clarity, impact, and soundness. In cases of
contradictory recommendations, a member of the conference program committee
to make the final decision (accept/reject); often, this would involve
seeking help from additional referees. Papers, whose authors include a
member of the conference program committee will be evaluated using the
double-blinded review process. (Essay/philosophical papers will not be
refereed but may be considered for discussion/panels).
The conference manuscript submission format and other instructions can be
downloaded from *http://imtc.ctgroup.co.in/ins*<http://imtc.ctgroup.co.in/ins>
Submission of Poster Papers:
Poster papers can be 2 pages long. Authors are to follow the same
instructions that appear above (see, SUBMISSION OF REGULAR PAPERS) except
for the submission is limited to 2 pages. On the first page, the author
should state that "This paper is being submitted as a poster". Poster
papers (if accepted) will be published if and only the author of the
accepted paper wishes to do so. The presentation and discussion of the
poster paper is necessary for the inclusion in the Conference Proceeding.

 [image: Inline image 1]

*International Advisory Board:*

*Dr. Isaac Woungang*, Director & Associate Prof., DABNEL Lab, Toronto,
*Dr. M.YasinAkhtar Raja*, Professor, University City Blvd, Charlotte, USA
*Dr. Bharat Bargava,*Professor,Purdue University, United States
*Dr. Davinder Pal Sharma*, Prof., University of the West Indies, Trinidad
*Dr. HemaSharda*, Professor,University of Western Australia, Australia
*Prof. Ajay Kumar Mishra*, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
*Prof. Shiquan Liu*, University of Jinan, China
*Dr. ArunTahialiani*, Vice-President, Care Point Partners, Florida, USA
*Dr. Monika Kumar*, Ayurveda/ Pharma Consultant, UK
*Prof. Naoki Saito*, Professor, Meizi Pharmaceutical University, Tokyo,
*Mr. Manpreet Singh Gill*, University of Pennsylvannia, USA
*Mr. Abraham Paul Vatakencherry*, Head-Matketing, UK IES Academy
*Dr. Mahesh Joshi*, RMIT University, Austrailia
*Ms. Himanshi*, Sr. Validation Scientist, Quest Diagnostics, LA, USA

*National  Advisory Board:*

*Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar*, Director (University Relations)Texas Instruments,
Bangalore, India.
*Dr. Ajay Sharma*, Director, National Institute of Technology,Delhi,India
*Dr. YatindraNath Singh*, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology,
Kanpur, India
*Dr. VinodKapoor*, Professor & Dean, National Institute of Technology,
Hamirpur, India
*Dr. Buta Singh,* Dean Academics, Punjab Technical
*Dr. Lalit K Awasthi,* Director, AtalBihari Vajpayee Govt. Institute of
Engineering & Technology, Shimla, India
*Dr. Chandra Shekhar*, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
*Prof. K. Pundarikakshadu*, Director, L J Institute of Pharmacy, Gujarat,
*Dr. A.P Singh*, Dean  RDCPunjab Technical University,Jalandhar,India
*Dr. G. Ravi Shankar*, Director SDM Research Center, Udupi, Karnataka, India
*Dr. Manoj Sharma*, Scientist, Panacea Biotec India Ltd., New Delhi, India
*Mr. Vipul Gupta*, Regulatory Affairs, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, New Delhi
*Mr. KashyapNagaria*,Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
*Mr. Sanjay Sharma*, Vice President- India, Nortons UK
*Prof. B.S. Kaith,*RegistarNational Institute of Technology Jalandhar, India
*Dr R.S Ghuman*, Nehru SAIL Chair, CRRID, Chandigarh & former, member,
Planning Commission, Punjab
*Dr.R .S  Klare* , Professor& Dean ,ThaparUnivesity , Patiala, Punjab, India
*Dr. Ankur Gupta,* Professor, MIET, Jammu
*Mr. Mani Madhukar*, Technical Lead, North & East India, IBM Academic
Initiative, India

 We request you to kindly spread this among your colleagues & whole network
of contacts. We will be grateful to you for that.

*Contact Us*
*CT Group of Institutions*
U.E.II-Pratappura Road, Shahpur  Jalandhar -144020
Punjab, INDIA
Ph. : 0181- 5055127, 5055128
Fax : 0181-5055130
M. +91  9316326906
*Conference Website**: **www.imtc.ctgroup.co.in*<http://www.imtc.ctgroup.co.in/>
*Email ID :  **imtc14 at ctgroup.in <imtc14 at ctgroup.in>*

About IMTC'14 <http://imtc.ctgroup.co.in/> | Conference
 | Online Submission <http://imtc.ctgroup.co.in/callpaper.php> |
Announcements <http://imtc.ctgroup.co.in/announce> | Email Us<imtc14 at ctgroup.in>
 | Home <http://www.imtc.ctgroup.co.in/>
*www.imtc.ctgroup.co.in* <http://www.imtc.ctgroup.co.in/>
imtc14 at ctgroup.in
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