[ecoop-info] Call for Papers: 10th IEEE International Workshop on Performance and Management of Wireless and Mobile Networks

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 The 10th IEEE International Workshop on Performance and Management of
Wireless and Mobile Networks (P2MNet 2014) international workshop will be a
one-day workshop, held in conjunction with the 39th  IEEE Conference on
Local Computer Networks (LCN 2014), 8-11 September 2014, Edmdonton, Canada.
The workshop will bring together networking researchers, engineers, and
practitioners with participants from industry, academia, and government.

Note that all accepted papers will appears in the IEEE LCN 2014 Proceedings.


In recent years, wireless and mobile communication systems have become
increasingly popular as an inexpensive and promising means for ubiquitous
communications and created a new set of issues and trade-offs. This
includes Systems-on-Chip (SoC) where wireless technologies have been
suggested to implement Network-on-Chip (NoCs).

 Thus, the performance and resource management of wireless and mobile
communication systems are becoming a very crucial phase for future
generation of wireless and mobile networks. This workshop focuses upon the
design, performance and resource management of wireless and mobile
networks. Original papers are invited on performance architectures and
technologies in the design of Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN), wireless
local area networks (WLANs), Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), and
Wireless Network-on-Chip (WiNoC) with emphasis on the use of such networks
in diverse areas of applications such as supporting ubiquitous mobile
Internet access, the design of ad-hoc networks, and sensor networks, the
design and performance evaluation of WiNoC architectures. The workshop
solicits high quality and previously unpublished work in this field.

*Topics of Interest:*

You are invited to submit original technical papers covering (but not
limited to the following topics):

   - Performance and management of mesh and Bluetooth networks.
   - System architecture and middleware for large scale wireless networks
   and cyber physical systems.
   -  Performance and resource management of wireless ad hoc and sensor
   - Performance and management of wireless multimedia systems.
   - Performance evaluation of wireless on-chip networks.
   - Resource allocation.
   - Power and energy management.
   - Wireless network design and management.
   - Measurement, analysis, modeling, and generation.
   - Traffic measurement (wireless TCP, etc..).
   - Billing and wireless web services. (3G/4G wireless billing systems,
   GPRS billing, etc..).
   - Web-Based wireless management.
   - Wireless security management.
   - Wireless Network planning.
   - Wireless Intelligent Networks.
   - Performance and Management of Broadband Wireless Management.
   - Management and monitoring of wireless and mobile systems.
   - User mobility modeling
   - Topology construction and maintenance Interoperability, and
   performance of heterogeneous wireless networks of different standards
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