[ecoop-info] CFP BISE Special Issue on Advanced Enterprise Modeling

Jelena Zdravkovic jelenaz at dsv.su.se
Thu Jan 16 09:50:55 CET 2014

Dear colleagues,
we would like to draw your attention to a call for papers for the Business
& Information Systems (BISE) special issue on "Advanced Enterprise
Modeling", which can be found below. BISE (the International Journal of
WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK) has been a leading journal in information systems
for 55 years (impact factor 2012: 1.2).
We cordially invite original research contributions for this special issue
until March 1, 2014.
Advanced Enterprise Modeling
Special Issue
The pace of change in business constantly accelerates, whereas the context
for this change is becoming more complex. Today’s business environments
entail cooperation with different organizations, rapidly changing business
activities and processes, and an intensive competitive landscape.
Enterprises need therefore the capability to respond quickly and
efficiently to these challenges, and even to leverage them to competitive
advantage. In this effort, they steadily transform to become dynamic,
proactive, connected, adaptive, or globally-integrated organizations.
Service orientation and cloud computing are the two enterprise-scale
technologies showing high potential and promise in tackling continuous IT
The EM research discipline aims to solve business-IT alignment in a
holistic manner by providing the techniques, languages, tools and best
practices for using models to represent organizational knowledge and
information systems from different perspectives. Described complex business
and technology conditions upraise the role of Enterprise Modeling (EM) in
its responsibility in reaching the alignment. The quality attributes such
as agility, sensitivity, responsiveness, adaptability, autonomy and
interoperability are emerging as the norms for advanced enterprise models.
Solving them will allow all components of an enterprise to operate together
in the cooperative manner for the purpose of maximizing overall benefit to
the enterprise.
The special issue aims to explore the enabling factors in EM to support the
business-IT alignment in modern enterprises. It serves as a forum for
researchers and practitioners to disseminate high-quality original research
as well as case-studies of real-world enterprises in a leading
international journal. Topics of interest include but are not limited to
business applications in the areas:
* Agile EM
* Use of EM in different organisational and technical contexts
* Adaptability in EM
* Concordance between EM and information systems development
* EM languages, references models and tools
* Evaluation of EM approaches, success factors in EM
* EM case studies, practice feedback to EM research
* EM management and governance
* Reuse of enterprise models and modeling languages
Submission Guidelines
Authors are asked to submit their papers online under the category
“BISE-Advanced Enterprise Modeling” by 2014-03-01 via the journal’s
submission system Editorial Manager (http://www.editorialmanager.com/buis/).
All papers must follow the typing and formatting instructions for
available at http://www.bise-journal.org. In particular, manuscripts should
not exceed 50,000 characters (discounting 5,000 characters for each
Submitted papers will undergo a double-blind review process and be refereed
by at least three domain experts according to quality, originality,
relevance and scientific rigor.
* Paper submission due: 2014-03-01
* Notification of authors: 2014-04-26
* Revisions due: 2014-06-28
* Completion of a second revision (if needed): 2014-09-20
* Anticipated publication date: January 2015
Special Issue Editors
Jelena Zdravkovic and Janis Stirna
Stockholm University
16440 Kista, Sweden
jelenaz at dsv.su.se. js at dsv.su.se
Marite Kirikova
Riga Technical University
Riga, Latvia
marite.kirikova at cs.rtu.lv
Dimitris Karagiannis
University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
dk at dke.univie.ac.at
Robert Winter
University of St. Gallen
St. Gallen, Switzerland
robert.winter at unisg.ch

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