[ecoop-info] CfP: ICST 2015 - 8th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation

Gordon Fraser gordon.fraser at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Jul 18 08:20:17 CEST 2014

8th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, 
Verification and Validation (ICST 2015)

April 13-17, 2015, Graz, Austria


Important Dates

* Research Papers
  Paper submission: October 24, 2014
  Notification: December 22, 2014

* Testing in Practice Papers
  Abstract submission: February 23, 2015
  Notification: March 9, 2015

* Workshop Proposals
  Submission of proposals: October 6, 2014
  Notification: October 20, 2014

* Ph.D. Symposium
  Submission of papers: January 16th, 2015
  Notification of acceptance: February 5th, 2015
* Testing Tools Track
  Paper submission: February 16, 2015
  Notification: March 9, 2015

* Dates of conference
  Main conference: April 14-17, 2015
  Workshop days: April 13 and 18, 2015


The IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification
and Validation (ICST) is the premier conference for research in all
areas related to software quality. The ever increasing complexity,
ubiquity, and dynamism of modern software systems is making software
quality assurance activities, and in particular software testing and
analysis, more challenging. ICST provides an ideal forum where
academics, industrial researchers, and practitioners can present their
latest approaches for ensuring the quality of today's complex software
systems, exchange and discuss ideas, and compare experiences. In this
spirit, ICST welcomes:

- Research papers (10 pages) that present high quality original work.

- Testing in Practice abstracts (2 pages) on the application of
  software engineering practices (which may be principles, techniques,
  tools, methods, processes, testing techniques etc.) to a specific
  domain or to the development of a significant software system.

- Tool papers (8 pages) describing testing tools and prototypes.

- PhD papers summarizing research efforts of students at any stage of
  their PhD.

- Workshop proposals on any aspect of software quality.

Each submission will be reviewed by at least three members of the ICST
Program Committee or track sub-committees. Authors of the best
research papers presented at ICST 2015 will be invited to extend their
work for possible inclusion in a special issue of Software Testing,
Verification and Reliability, a Wiley journal. For formatting and
submission details please consult the ICST website


- General Chair
Franz Wotawa, TU Graz, Austria

- Program Chairs
Gordon Fraser, University of Sheffield, UK
Darko Marinov, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

- Testing in Practice Track Chairs
Mihai Nica, AVL, Austria
Ina Schieferdecker, Fraunhofer, Germany
Thomas Zimmermann, Microsoft Research, USA

- Workshop Chairs
Mercedes G. Merayo, UCM, Spain
Eric Wong, University of Texas, USA

- Ph.D. Symposium Chairs
Arnaud Gottlieb, SIMULA Research Laboratory, Norway
Sudipto Ghosh, CSU, USA

- Testing Tools Chairs
Andrea Arcuri, SIMULA Research Laboratory, Norway
Sigrid Eldh, Ericsson, Sweden

- Finance Chair
Bernhard Peischl, Softnet / TU Graz, Austria

- Publicity Chair
Bernhard Aichernig, TU Graz, Austria (Chair)
Marcio Delamaro, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil
Alex Groce, Oregon State University, USA
Zheng Li, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China
Corina Pasareanu, NASA, USA
Willem Visser, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

- Publication Chair
Birgit Hofer, TU Graz, Austria

- Web Chair
Sina Shamshiri, University of Sheffield, UK

- Steering Committee
Antonia Bertolino, CNR, Italy
Myra Cohen, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA
Robert Feldt, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Gordon Fraser, University of Sheffield, UK
Yvan Labiche, Carleton University, Canada
Yves Le Traon, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Jeff Offutt, George Mason University, USA
Alex Orso, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
John Penix, Google, USA

- Program Committee
Bernhard Aichernig, TU Graz, Austria
Nadia Alshahwan, University College London, UK
Paul Ammann, George Mason University, USA
Anneliese Andrews, University of Denver, USA
Andrea Arcuri, Schlumberger and Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
Tom Ball, Microsoft Research, USA
Bob Binder, System Verification Associates, LLC, USA
Lionel Briand, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Jeffrey Carver, University of Alabama, USA
Byoungju Choi, Ewha Woman's University, Korea
James Clause, University of Delaware, USA
Ian Craggs, IBM United Kingdom, UK
Christoph Csallner, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Bojan Cukic, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA 
Marcio Eduardo Delamaro, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Massimiliano Di Penta, Dept. of Engineering - University of Sannio, Italy
Hyunsook Do, North Dakota State University, USA
Michael Felderer, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Vahid Garousi, Atilim University, Turkey
Arnaud Gotlieb, SIMULA Research Laboratory, Norway
Mark Grechanik, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Wolfgang Grieskamp, Google, USA
William G.J. Halfond, University of Southern California, USA
Toru Hasegawa, Osaka University, USA
Rob Hierons, Brunel University, UK
Florentin Ipate, University of Bucharest, Romania
Raghu Kacker, NIST, USA
Aditya Kanade, Indian Institute of Science, India
Sarfraz Khurshid, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Moonzoo Kim, KAIST, Korea
Bogdan Korel, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Rick Kuhn, NIST, USA
Yu Lei, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Eda Marchetti, ISTI-CNR, Italy
Leonardo Mariani, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
Wes Masri, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Atif Memon, University of Maryland, USA
Tejeddine Mouelhi, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Brian Nielsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Manuel Oriol, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland
Tom Ostrand, Rutgers University, USA 
Mauro Pezze, University of Lugano, Switzerland
Lori Pollock, University of Delaware, USA
Marc Roper, University of Strathclyde, UK
Gregg Rothermel, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA
Abhik Roychoudhury, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Per Runeson, Lund University, Sweden
Vasile Rus, The University of Memphis, USA
Junaid Haroon Siddiqui, UT Austin, USA
Saurabh Sinha, IBM Research, India
Mary Lou Soffa, University of Virginia, USA
Sara Sprenkle, Washington & Lee University, USA
Paul Strooper, The University of Queensland, Australia
Lin Tan, University of Waterloo, Canada
Nikolai Tillmann, Microsoft Research, USA
Paolo Tonella, Fondazione Bruno Kessler - IRST, Italy
Jan Tretmans, TNO - Embedded Systems Innovation, Netherlands
T.H. Tse, University of Hong Kong, China
Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya, Osaka University, Japan
Mark Utting, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Arie van Deursen, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Miroslav Velev, Aries Design Automation, USA
Helene Waeselynck, LAAS-CNRS, France
Neil Walkinshaw, University of Leicester, UK
Stephan Weissleder, Thales, Germany
Michael Whalen, University of Minnesota, USA
Tao Xie, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Nina Yevtushenko, Tomsk State University, Russia
Xiangyu Zhang, Purdue University, USA
Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG, Germany
Thomas Zimmermann, Microsoft Research, USA

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