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			   Call for Papers:
A one day workshop co-located with FSE 2014 in Hong Kong, November 21, 2014

* Overview
Separation of concerns is one of the main tenets of software
engineering; it allows developers to reason about a problem in
sensible portions, regardless which phase of the life cycle theyre
working in. Many researchers in software engineering are actually in
the field of advanced software modularization techniques such as
aspect-orientation without realizing it.

A growing number of advanced modularization techniques, including
aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and context-oriented programming
(COP), are investigated to support separation of concerns in software
development. Those techniques need dedicated support for analysis of
artifacts at the various stages of software development. Developers
need to be able to understand, visualize, specify, verify and test,
with existence of those advanced modularization techniques,
requirements, architectures, designs and programs to make it an
industrially viable technology. Tool support is further needed for the
identification of latent (non-modularized) crosscutting concerns in
legacy software and for their subsequent refactoring into modules.

AOAsia/Pacific is a series of international workshops on advanced
modularization techniques not specific to AOP nor COP initially
organized by Asia/Pacific-related researchers in cooperation with many
researchers all over the world. One of the aims for this workshop is
to bring together researchers, who are tackling the problems of
advanced separation of concerns, but who are not yet connected to this
growing, thriving community. The workshop also intends to provide a
forum for discussion of new ideas, new directions, and new

Though the workshop title contains the term “Asia/Pacific”, it is
open to everyone all over the world who are interested in advanced
modularization techniques. We welcome your involvement!

* Topics of Interest
We invite novel contributions on any topics in advanced software
modularization techniques including (but not limited to)
- Applications and tools
- Software architectures and product lines
- Aspect interference and composition
- Contracts, components and aspects
- Model Driven Architecture and UML
- Software development methods and patterns
- Reverse engineering and refactoring
- Reflection and meta programming
- Semantics and type systems
- Verification, validation and testing
- Distributed systems and middleware
- Evolution and adaptability
- Evaluation and metrics

* Workshop Format
The planned workshop format is poster presentation and a short
lightning talk. One or two supervisors are assigned for each
presentation and lead discussions.

* Submissions
Two separate paper submission deadlines and review stages are
offered. Papers accepted in the first round will be published in ACM
DL and our workshop proceedings and presented at the workshop. Papers
accepted in the secound round will be published in only our workshop
proceedings and presented at the workshop and will not be published in

Short papers must be formatted according to ACM SIG format and can be
submitted via [EasyChair] as a PDF file of at most 3 pages. Paper
submission deadlines for the first and secound rounds are July 18,
2014 and October 1, 2014, respectively. Authors in the first and
secound round will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their
submissions by August 4, 2014 and October 15, 2014.

[EasyChair]: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=aoasia2014

* Important Dates
|                  | First round (ACM DL) | Second round  (Not ACM DL) |
| Paper submission | August 1, 2014       | October 1, 2014            |
| Notification     | August 8, 2014       | October 15, 2014           |
| Camera-ready     | August 18, 2014      | November 1, 2014           |

* Program Committee
- Tomoyuki Aotani:  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
- Kung Chen: National Chengchi University, Taiwan
- Takashi Ishio: Osaka University, Japan
- Jianjun Zhao: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

* Organizers
- Tomoyuki Aotani:  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
- Kung Chen: National Chengchi University, Taiwan
- Shigeru Chiba: University of Tokyo, Japan
- Takashi Ishio: Osaka University, Japan
- Hidehiko Masuhara: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
- Hongyu Zhang: Tsinghua University, China
- Jianjun Zhao: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

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