[ecoop-info] ECCE 2014 Call for Position Papers - Workshop on Low Cost User Experience (UX) Design

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Fri Jun 6 08:38:31 CEST 2014

**** Call for Position Papers*****

Workshop on*/
  Low Cost User Experience (UX) Design /*
at the
European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics
September 1-3, 2014, Vienna, Austria

*_Workshop Organizer:_*

Eliezer Kantorowitz (kantor at cs.technion.ac.il)

_*Workshop Topics:*_

Designing a computer application to provide a satisfactory user 
experience (UX) is often labor intensive. This workshop focuses on 
reducing these labor costs. With possible low cost design methods, it 
may be affordable to compare a reasonable number of different design 
alternatives and select the best one. Possible low cost design methods 
may thus facilitate the design of quality UX. Possible low costs methods 
may also facilitate empirical cognitive ergonomic research involving a 
considerable number of cases.

In order to achieve its goals, the workshop will consider the labor 
costs of different UX design methods. The participants of the workshop 
have therefore to submit position papers on UX design costs issues. 
After the presentation of the position papers, the workshop will discuss 
the findings and summarize its observations and possible recommendations.

Examples of topics of possible position paper:

  * UX oriented requirements elicitation and task analysis. By UX,
    orientation is meant for example avoiding features that the end
    users may misunderstand, developing a cognitive coherent model of
    the application and validating the UX of this model on prototypes.
  * Labor efficient UX evaluation methods, e.g. economic think aloud
    techniques, automatic logging and analysis of user actions and fast
    prototyping techniques facilitating comparison of the UX of
    different solutions.
  * Software architectures where it is quite easy to modify the user
    interface. This may facilitate a gradual UX improvement process.
  * Critical review of published recommendation for user interface
    design, e.g. user interface design patterns (interaction design
  * Experience reports from industry and education. What were the labor
    costs lessons learned?
  * Comparison of different methods for doing the same thing from a
    labor costs point of view.
  * Efficient stakeholder participation methods.
  * Agile development issues.
  * The psychology and sociology of the UX design team. What team member
    qualifications and work methods are most appropriate?


Participation in the workshop requires the acceptance of a position 
paper of 1-2 pages. The workshop is limited to 20 participants.

_*Important Dates*__*:*_

  * Submission*July 7*, 2014
  * Notification of acceptance July 13, 2014
  * Camera ready July 28, 2014
  * Workshop Sept. 1, 2014

_*Submission guidelines:*_

Submission language is English.

1-2 pages including names, affiliations and emails. Please specify in 
the position paper cover email, the name of the author that will present 
the paper at the workshop in the workshop. The participation of this 
author in the workshop is a requirement for the acceptance of the paper.

Submissions will be handled exclusively through a Conference Management 
System at http://ecce14.ce.jku.at/conftool/

In order to assist in planning the workshop, potential authors are 
encouraged to inform us as early as possible on their intention to 
submit. This may be done through the above-mentioned submission site or 
by email to the organizer.

*_Submission format:_*

Submitted papers should follow the formatting guidelines of the ACM 
proceedings contributions, available at 

We look forward to meeting you in Vienna!

With best regards,
  Your ECCE 2014 organizer
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