[ecoop-info] [MODELS 2014] : last call for papers for workshops at MODELS

Bencomo, Nelly n.bencomo at aston.ac.uk
Mon Jun 30 17:17:54 CEST 2014

***** deadline for submission to workshops at MODELS 2014 is quickly approaching july 11 2014 *****

Dear colleagues,

A quick note to let you know that the deadline for submission to workshops at  MODELS 2014  is quickly approaching.

Have a look at the list of exciting workshops at MODELS (more info at http://models2014.webs.upv.es/<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/studentvolunteers.htm>):

Sunday September 28, 2014

WS1<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws1>    GEMOC 2014      2nd Workshop On the Globalization of Modeling Languages (full day)
WS8<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws8>    CMSEBA 2014     Combining Modelling with Search- and Example-Based Approaches (full day)
WS11<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws11>  MULTI 2014      1st International Workshop on Multi-Level Modeling (full day)
WS13<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws13>  OSS4MDE 2014    Open Source Software for Model Driven Engineering (full day)
WS16<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws16>  MD2P2 2014      Model-Driven Development Processes and Practices (full day)
WS18<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws18>  ME 2014 International Workshop on Models and Evolution (full day)

Monday September 29, 2014

WS2<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws2>    AMINO 2014      TowArds the Model DrIveN Organization (full day)
WS3<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws3>    ACVI 2014       Architecture-Centric Virtual Integration with AADL (full day)
WS7<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws7>    ModComp 2014    1st International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for Component-Based Software Systems (full day)
WS9<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws9>    MDHPCL 2014     3rd International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for High Performance and CLoud computing (half-day, morning)
WS10<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws10>  XM 2014 Extreme Modelling (full day)
WS14<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws14>  AMT 2014        Analysis of Model Transformations (full day)

Tuesday September 30, 2014

WS4<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws4>    ACESMB 2014     Model Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems (full day)
WS5<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws5>    OCL 2014        Workshop on OCL and Textual Modeling: Applications and Case Studies (full day)
WS6<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws6>    CloudMDE 2014   2nd International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (full day)
WS12<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws12>  MRT 2014        9th International Workshop on Models at run.time<mailto:Models at run.time> (full day)
WS15<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws15>  MoDeVVa 2014    Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation Integrating Verification and Validation in MDE (full day)
WS17<http://models2014.webs.upv.es/acceptedworkshops.htm#ws17>  MPM 2014        Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling (full day)

We hope to see you in Valencia for MODELS 2014!

Nelly and Alessandro
MODELS 2014 - Publicity Chairs

Nelly Bencomo
Lecturer in Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science,  Aston University,
B4 7ET, Birmingham, UK

email: nelly at acm.org<mailto:nelly at acm.org>

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