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Fri Mar 21 23:59:19 CET 2014

Dear Members of ICSEng e-mail list,

Many authors have requested an extension for the paper submission due date.
The extended due date is April 10, 2014.
Our apologies if you received multiple copies.
Please forward the email to any colleague working in the areas of interest.

ICSEng 2014                                        Springer
Las Vegas, USA, August 19-21, 2014

This series of International Conferences is jointly organized on a
rotational basis among three institutions: University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
USA; Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland; and Coventry University, UK.
During August 19-21, 2014, the 23rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS
ENGINEERING will be held in Las Vegas, NV, at the University of Nevada, Las
Vegas, USA. The proceedings are published in the Springer series Advances
in Intelligent Systems and Computing and are indexed by ISI Web of Science
Proceedings, DBLP, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, and Springerlink. Selected
papers will be published in the Journal of Systems Science and the
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications (

Scope of Conference:
The Conference will cover the general area of Systems Engineering, with
particular emphasis being placed on applications. It is expected to include
sessions on the following themes:
            Aero-Space Systems (Avionics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,
            Aviation Control)
            General Control Systems (Control Theory, System Identification
            and Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Controls, Applications)
            Power Systems (Environmental Systems, Energy Systems, Renewable
            Energy, Nuclear Energy)
            Intelligent Systems (Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence,
            Neural Network, Fuzzy, Hybrid Systems, Applications)
            Industrial Automation and Robotics
            Information and Communication Systems (Information and
            Communication Theory, Geographic Information Systems, Global
            Position Systems, Applications)
            Distributed Computer and Computer Networks Systems (Modeling
            and Analysis, Distributed and Wireless Systems, Distributed
            Servers, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Networks)
            Analog and Digital Hardware Systems (Real-time Systems,
            Embedded Systems, Hybrid Embedded Systems, Mixed Signal
            Designs, Multi-media Systems)
            Gaming and Entertainment Systems (Technology, Security, Design,
            Biometrics System (sensors, integration, data analysis,
            verification techniques)
            Bio-surveillance Systems (heterogeneous data sources,
            monitoring techniques, signal detection algorithms, privacy
            protection )
            Photonics and Lighting Systems
            System Engineering Standards, Modeling, Paradigms, Metrics,
            Testing, Management, Optimization, Simulation, Scheduling,
            Reliability and Fault Tolerant
            Computer Assisted Medical Diagnostic Systems (single and
            multiple modality medical data analysis, expert systems,
            prompting systems, databases, performance evaluation)
Special Sessions:
The special session we are featuring this year on top of the main
conference tracks:
SS1: Computational Cognitive Science
SS2: Nature-inspired Computational Methods and Applications
SS3: Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems
SS4: From Boolean Problems to the Internet of Everything

We invite you to submit a paper (not exceeding 10 pages and according to
Springer's guidelines) for the purpose of reviewing by April 10, 2014. All
papers are to be submitted in PDF format electronically to at
http://www.icseng.com/submission/. Hard copies should be sent only if
electronic submission is not possible. Please follow the ICSEng 2014
guidelines for more information on submission. Submission implies the
willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the
paper. All papers will be peer reviewed by two independent referees of the
International Program Committee of ICSEng 2014.

Important dates:
Papers due: March 21, 2014 EXTENDED by April 10, 2014
Notification of acceptance: May 1, 2014
Paper registration due: May 21, 2014
Camera-ready (final) papers: May 27, 2014

Conference Secretary, ICSEng 2014
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV 89154-4026, USA
email: secretary at icseng.com
URL: http://www.icseng.com/


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For more information about this list server, please contact
Secretary at icseng.com
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