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Fifth Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking (WBDB 2014)
August 5-6, 2014 - HPI, Potsdam, Germany

Sponsored by SAP, Intel, Mellanox, Pivotal, US National Science Foundation

**** Submission Deadline - May 14, 2014 ****


The objective of the WBDB workshops is to make progress towards
development of industry standard application-level benchmarks
for evaluating hardware and software systems for big data applications.

Discussions from previous WBDB workshops have resulted in the formation of
the TPC-BigData subcommittee, which is currently
working on the TPCx-HS benchmark, for Hadoop Systems. There have also been
presentations on a variety of proposed benchmarks
including, BigBench, HiBench, BigDataBenchmark, BigDecision, and the Deep
Analytics Pipeline.

Meeting Topics:
To continue making progress towards big data benchmarking standards, the
workshop will explore a range of issues including:
- Data features: New feature sets of data including, high-dimensional
data, sparse data,
  event-based data, and enormous data sizes.
- System characteristics: System-level issues including, large-scale and
evolving system configurations,
  shifting loads, and heterogeneous technologies for big data and cloud
- Implementation options: Different implementation options such as SQL,
NoSQL, Hadoop software ecosystem,
and different implementations of HDFS.
- Workloads: Representative big data business problems and corresponding
benchmark implementations. Specification
  of benchmark applications that represent the different modalities of big
data, including graphs, streams,
  scientific data, and document collections.
- Hardware options: Evaluation of new options in hardware including
different types of HDD, SSD, and main memory,
  and large-memory systems, and new platform options that include
dedicated commodity clusters and cloud platforms.
- Synthetic data generation: Models and procedures for generating
large-scale synthetic data with requisite properties.
- Benchmark execution rules: E.g. data scale factors, benchmark versioning
to account for rapidly evolving workloads
  and system configurations, benchmark metrics.
- Metrics for efficiency: Measuring the efficiency of the solution, e.g.
based on costs of acquisition, ownership,
  energy and/or other factors, while encouraging innovation and avoiding
benchmark escalations that favor large
  inefficient configuration over small efficient configurations.
- Evaluation frameworks: Tool chains, suites and frameworks for evaluating
big data systems.
- Early implementations: E.g. of, say, BigBench, HiBench,
BigDataBenchmark, BigDecision, and the Deep Analytics
  Pipeline, and lessons learned in benchmarking big data applications.


Important Dates:
- Submission Date: May 14
- Notification Date: June 8
- Camera-ready: July 20


General Chairs
Chaitan Baru, San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) UC San Diego
Tilmann Rabl, Middleware Services Research Group (MSRG), University of
Kai Sachs, SAP AG

Local Arrangements
Matthias Uflacker, Hasso-Plattner-Institut

Publicity Chair
Henning Schmitz, SAP Innovation Center

Publication Chair
Meikel Poess, Oracle

Program Committee
Milind Bhandarkar, Pivotal
Anja Bog, SAP Labs
Dhruba Borthakur, Facebook
Joos-Hendrik Böse, Amazon
Tobias Bürger, Payback
Tyson Condie, UCLA
Kshitij Doshi, Intel
Pedro Furtado, University of Coimbra
Bhaskar Gowda, Intel
Goetz Graefe, HP
Martin Grund, Exascale
Alfons Kemper, TU München
Donald Kossmann, ETH Zürich
Tim Kraska, Brown University
Wolfgang Lehner, TU Dresden
Christof Leng, UC Berkeley
Raghu Nambiar, Cisco
Manoj Karunakaran Nambiar, Tata Consulting Services
Glenn Paulley, Conestoga College
Scott Pearson, CLDS Industry Fellow
Andreas Polze, Hasso-Plattner-Institut
Alexander Reinefeld, Zuse Institute Berlin / HU Berlin
Berni Schiefer, IBM Labs Toronto
Saptak Sen, Hortonworks

Florian Stegmaier, University of Passau
Till Westmann, Oracle Labs
Jianfeng Zhan, Chinese Academy of Science

Contact Info: For questions please contact Chaitan Baru, baru at sdsc.edu<mailto:baru at sdsc.edu>

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