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Recent Advances in Computational Intelligence in Defense and Security 

Studies in Computational Intelligence 



Given the rapidly changing and increasingly complex nature of global security, we continue to witness a remarkable interest within the defense and security communities in novel, adaptive and resilient techniques that can cope with the challenging problems arising in this domain. These challenges are brought forth not only by the overwhelming amount of data reported by a plethora of sensing and tracking modalities, but also by the emergence of innovative classes of decentralized, mass-scale communication protocols and connectivity frameworks such as cloud computing, sensor networks, intelligent transportation systems and the Internet of Things. Realizing that traditional techniques have left many important problems unsolved, and in some cases, not addressed, further efforts have to be undertaken in the quest for algorithms and methodologies that can accurately detect and easily adapt to emerging threats. 

Papers should present original work validated via analysis, simulation or experimentation, including but not limited to the following topics: 

Advanced Architectures for Defense Operations 

-- Multi-Sensor Data Fusion 
-- Hard-Soft Data Fusion 
-- Context-Aware Data Fusion 
-- Employment of Autonomous Vehicles 
-- Intelligence Gathering and Exploitation 
-- Mine Detection 
-- Situational Assessment 
-- Impact Assessment 
-- Process and User Refinement 
-- Automatic Target Recognition 
-- Mission Weapon Pairing and Assignment 
-- Sensor Cueing and Tasking 
-- Self-Healing Systems 

Modeling and Simulation of Defense Operations 

-- Logistics Support 
-- Mission Planning and Execution 
-- Resource Management 
-- Red Teaming 
-- Computational Red Teaming 
-- Course of Action Generation and Recommendation 
-- Models for War Games 
-- Risk-Aware Decision Support 
-- Multi-Agent Based Simulation 
-- Critical Infrastructure Protection 
-- Strategic Planning 
-- Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency 
-- Behavioral or Cognitive Learning 
-- Human Modeling: Behavior, Emotion, Motion 

Security Applications 

-- Surveillance 
-- Suspect Behavior Profiling 
-- Anomaly Detection 
-- Automated Handling of Dangerous Situations or People 
-- Stationary or Mobile Object Detection, Recognition and Classification 
-- Intrusion Detection Systems 
-- Cyber-Security 
-- Air, Maritime and Land Security 
-- Network Security 
-- Biometrics Security 
-- Authentication Technologies 


October 30, 2014: Abstract submission due

November 30, 2014: Abstract notification due

January 31, 2015: Full chapter submission due

March 31, 2015: Full chapter notification due

Late August, 2015: Volume publication expected at Springer's Studies in Computational Intelligence series


Authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor is presently under review for another refereed publication. Extensions of previously published works are welcome as long as the contributions made in the extended version are significant to warrant publication. Please follow the instructions outlined in the book website: http://www.ieeeottawa.ca/ci/cids-book/ 

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