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                           CALL FOR PAPERS

                  15th International Conference on
    Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMiCS 2015)
            28 September to 1 October 2015, Braga, Portugal
                  URL:  http://ramics2015.di.uminho.pt
         PDF: http://ramics2015.di.uminho.pt/RAMiCS15-CFP.pdf
 We invite submissions in the general area of Relational and Algebraic 
 Methods  in Computer Science. Special focus will lie on formal methods 
 for software engineering, logics of programs and links with neighbouring 
 Particular topics of interest for the conference cover,
 but are not limited to:
 * Algebraic approaches to
   - specification, development, verification, and analysis of programs
     and algorithms
   - computational logic, in particular logics of programs, modal and
     dynamic logics, interval and temporal logics
   - semantics of programming languages
 * Applications in fields such as
   - relational formal methods such as B or Z, tabular methods
   - information systems
   - graph theory and combinatorial optimisation
   - games, automata and language theory
   - spatio-temporal reasoning, knowledge acquisition
   - preference and scaling methods, computational social choice,
     social software
 * Theoretical foundations and supporting tools, including
   - mechanised and automated reasoning, decision procedures
   - process algebras, fixed point calculi, idempotent semirings,
     quantales, allegories
   - dynamic algebras, cylindric algebras and their applications in 
 Since 1994, the RelMiCS meetings on Relational Methods in Computer 
 Science have been a main forum for researchers who use the calculus of 
 relations and similar algebraic formalisms as methodological and 
 conceptual tools. The AKA workshop series on Applications of Kleene 
 algebra started with a Dagstuhl seminar in 2001 and was co-organised 
 with the RelMiCS conference until 2009. Since 2011, joint RAMiCS 
 conferences continue to encompass the scope of both RelMiCS and AKA.
 The predecessors of this conference were held in Dagstuhl (January 
 1994), Parati (September 1995), Hammamet (January 1997), Warsaw 
 (September 1998), Quebec (January 2000), Dagstuhl (February 2001), 
 Oisterwijk (October 2001), Malente (April 2003), St. Catharines 
 (January 2005), Manchester (September 2006), Frauenwoerth (April 2008), 
 Doha (November 2009), Rotterdam (June 2011), Cambridge UK (September 
 2012) and Marienstatt im Westerwald (April 2014).
 Student Program
 The conference will be accompanied by a PhD training program. Details 
 will be published in due time in a special call and on the conference 
 Proceedings and Submission
 All papers will be formally reviewed. We plan to publish the
 proceedings in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science ready at
 the conference. Submissions must be in English, in Postscript or PDF
 format, and provide sufficient information to judge their merits.
 They must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere. 
 They should not exceed 16 pages in Springer LNCS style (accepted
 papers must be produced with LaTeX). Additional material may be
 provided by a clearly marked appendix or a reference to a manuscript
 on a website. This may be considered at the discretion of the PC.
 Deviation from these requirements may cause immediate rejection.
 One author of each accepted paper is expected to present the paper
 at the conference.
 Submission is via EasyChair at the following address:
 Formatting instructions and the LNCS styled files can be obtained via:
 As for the earlier conferences of this series, it is also intended to
 publish a selection of the best papers in revised and extended form in
 a special issue of the Journal of Logic and Algebraic Methods in
 Programming (JLAMP).
 Important Dates
     Title and abstract submission:                 March 18 2015
     Submission of full papers:                     March 26 2015
     Notification:                                  June  05 2015
     Final versions due (firm deadline):            July  10 2015
     Conference:                   September 28 - October 01 2015
 Programme Committee
     Rudolf Berghammer     (Kiel, Germany)
     Jules Desharnais      (Laval U., Canada)
     Marcelo Frias         (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
     Stephen Givant        (Mills College, USA)
     Hitoshi Furusawa      (Kagoshima, Japan)
     Timothy G. Griffin    (Cambridge, UK)
     Walter Guttmann       (Canterbury, New Zealand)
     Robin Hirsch          (London, UK)
     Peter Hoefner         (NICTA, Australia; Publicity chair)
     Ali Jaoua             (Doha, Qatar)
     Peter Jipsen          (Chapman U., USA)
     Wolfram Kahl          (McMaster U., Canada)
     Rodger Maddux         (Iowa State U., USA)
     Ali Mili              (NJIT, U. Heights, USA)
     Bernhard Moeller      (U. Augsburg, Germany)
     Martin E. Mueller     (U. Augsburg, Germany)
     Jose N. Oliveira      (U. Minho, Portugal; General chair)
     Ewa Orlowska          (Warsaw, Poland)
     Agnieszka Rusinowska  (Univ. Paris 1, France)
     Gunther Schmidt       (Munich, Germany)
     Renate Schmidt        (Manchester, UK)
     Isar Stubbe           (U. Littoral-Cote-d'Opale, France)
     Michael Winter        (Brock U., Canada; PC chair)
 Steering Committee
     Rudolf Berghammer  (Kiel, Germany)
     Jules Desharnais   (Laval U., Canada)
     Ali Jaoua          (Doha, Qatar)
     Peter Jipsen       (Chapman U., USA)
     Bernhard Moeller   (U. Augsburg, Germany)
     Jose N. Oliveira   (U. Minho, Portugal)
     Ewa Orlowska       (Warsaw, Poland)
     Gunther Schmidt    (Munich, Germany)
     Michael Winter     (Brock U., Canada)
 Organising Committee
     Jose N. Oliveira    (U. Minho, Portugal; General chair)
     Michael Winter      (Brock U., Canada; PC chair)
     Luis S. Barbosa     (U. Minho, Portugal)
     Manuel A. Cunha     (U. Minho, Portugal)
     Antonio N. Ribeiro  (U. Minho, Portugal)

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