[ecoop-info] ICSE 2015 - Call for Technical Briefings Proposals

Domenico BIANCULLI domenico.bianculli at uni.lu
Mon Sep 15 10:50:23 CEST 2014

ICSE 2015


The 37th International Conference on Software Engineering

May 16-24, 2015 - Firenze, Italy

Call for Technical Briefings Proposals

* Goal *

The ICSE Technical Briefings program provides conference participants
with the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge, and skills in a
broad range of areas of software engineering.

Technical Briefings offer a venue for communicating the current state
of a timely topic related to software engineering. As opposed to
in-depth tutorials in more mature fields, Technical Briefings should
provide a compact introduction to the state-of-the-art in an emerging

Technical Briefings will take place in 90-minute slots on the day
before the main ICSE conference (Tuesday May 19, 2015).

* Evaluation *

The Technical Briefings committee will review each proposal and will
select quality proposals that fit the evaluation criteria.

Each proposal will be evaluated on its anticipated benefit for
prospective participants and its fit within the program as a
whole. Factors to be considered also include: relevance, timeliness,
importance, and audience appeal; suitability for presentation in a
90-minute format; effectiveness of teaching methods; and past
experience and qualifications of the presenters.

* How to submit *

Proposals should include a title, a description of the topic, a
paragraph explaining why the topic would be of interest to a broad
section of the software engineering community, and the names and short
biographies of the speakers. A proposal should be no longer than 2

Together with the proposal, at least 3 typical sample slides from the
intended tutorial presentation must be submitted.

The proposal, as well as the sample slides, must be submitted in PDF
with all fonts included.

Submissions will be managed through CyberChairPRO available at this link: <http://cyberchairpro.borbala.net/icsetechnicalbriefings/submit/>

* Acceptance *

The presenters of each selected Technical Briefing will have the
opportunity to publish a 2-page abstract in the ICSE proceedings. The
abstracts must be sent by the deadline of February 13, 2015. They must
conform to the ICSE 2015 formatting and submission instructions and
must not exceed two pages, including all text, references, appendices,
and figures.

* Important dates *

Submission Due Date: October 10, 2014

Notification Date: December 15, 2014

Abstract CR: February 13, 2015

Event Day: May 19, 2015

* Technical Briefings Committee *

Natalia Juristo (Co-Chair), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - Spain
and University of Oulu - Finland

Pamela Zave (Co-Chair), AT&T Laboratories - Research, United States

Luciano Baresi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Shing-Chi Cheung, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Daniel Jackson, MIT, United States

Nenad Medvidovic, University of Southern California, USA

Nachiappan Nagappan, Microsoft Research, USA

Sebastian Uchitel, Imperial College London - UK and Universidad de
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Claes Wohlin, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

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