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[Apologies for duplicate reception of this CFP]


*3rd International Workshop on Release Engineering 2015

*RELENG 2015



*— Co-located with ICSE 2015 —

*May 19, 2015, Florence, Italy



We invite you to participate in the 3rd International Workshop on 
Release Engineering (RELENG 2015), which will be held in Florence, Italy 
on Tuesday the 19th of May 2015, co-located with ICSE 2015. With an 
actual release engineer as one of the co-organizers, 42% of the PC 
consisting of actual release engineers, and a separate abstract track 
for practitioner reports (in addition to a regular academic track), 
RELENG has been built from the ground up to bring together researchers 
and practitioners in the area of release engineering to meet each other 
and share experiences, tools and techniques to help organizations 
release high quality software products on time.

The term “release engineering” basically covers all activities in 
between regular development and actual usage of a software product by 
the end user, i.e., integration, build, test execution, packaging and 
delivery of software. This comprises a variety of activities like 
managing test infrastructure, code flow through branches, building and 
configuring a product from source code, reporting quality gate results, 
signing off source code, manufacturing CDs, deploying applications, 
managing hot-fixes, and anything else that is necessary to bring high 
quality products to the end user on time. More details can be found on 
our website: http://releng.polymtl.ca <http://releng.polymtl.ca/>.

The first edition of the workshop, RELENG 2013, was the largest 
co-located 1-day workshop in terms of attendance at ICSE 2013 in San 
Francisco (CA, USA), attracting 84 participants, 76% of which came from 
industry (e.g., Mozilla, Google, Netflix and LinkedIn). We had keynotes 
by the director of Release Engineering at Mozilla Corporation (John 
O’Duinn) and the director of Engineering Services at LinkedIn (Roman 
Scheiter). The second edition of the workshop, RELENG 2014, was hosted 
on the Google campus in Mountain View (CA, USA) and attracted 101 
participants, 87% of which came from industry (e.g., Facebook, Google, 
Adobe and Sony). This edition had keynotes by the Release Engineering 
manager at Facebook (Chuck Rossi) and a Release Engineer at Google 
(Dinah McNutt). To document the current state-of-the-art in release 
engineering research and practice, we also organized the first IEEE 
Software Special Issue on Release Engineering (March/April 2015), which 
features 7 papers and 1 round-table article on the state of release 


Similar to the successful first two editions of the workshop, RELENG 
2015 will consist of a keynote, 5 practitioner talks, 6 paper 
presentations, 1 poster, interactive working groups and a fishbowl panel 
for semi-structured group discussions. The RELENG 2015 keynote speaker 
is Pete Rotella from Cisco Systems, who will cover approaches for and 
challenges of ensuring the quality of a software release. The keynote 
will bootstrap the rest of the program, which will consist of 
presentation and discussion of the following talks, papers and poster:

Practitioner talks:

• “Collecting Release Metadata at Google” by Dominic Mitchell (Google UK)

• “Continuous Delivery in a Financial Organization” by Chris Bartels and 
Daniele Romano (ING Netherlands)

• “RelEng as a force multiplier” by John O’Duinn (Hortonworks)

• “Research Opportunities in Continuous Delivery - Reflections from Two 
Years’ Experiences in A Large Bookmaking Company” by Lianping Chen 
(Paddy Power)

• “Towards a Uniform Definition for Release Engineering and DevOps” by 
Ralf Penners, Andrej Dyck and Horst Lichter (RWTH Aachen University)

Research papers:

• “Securing a Deployment Pipeline” by Len Bass, Ralph Holz, Paul Rimba, 
An Binh Tran and Liming Zhu (NICTA, Australia)

• “Performance of defect prediction in rapidly evolving software” by 
Davide Giacomo Cavezza, Roberto Pietrantuono and Stefano Russo 
(Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)

• “Predicting Software Field Reliability” by Pete Rotella, Sunita 
Chulani and Devesh Goyal (Cisco Systems, Inc.)

• “Continuous Deployment and Schema Evolution in SQL Databases” by 
Michael de Jong and Arie van Deursen (Delft University of Technology)

• “Extracting Configuration Knowledge from Build Files with Symbolic 
Analysis” by Shurui Zhou, Jafar Al-Kofahi, Tien N. Nguyen, Christian 
Kästner and Sarah Nadi (Carnegie Mellon University, Iowa State 
University, and TU Darmstadt)

• “Continuous Delivery with Jenkins” by Valentina Armenise (Cloudbees)

Research poster:

• “Accelerating Maven by Delaying Dependencies” by Jonathan Bell, Eric 
Melski, Gail Kaiser and Mohan Dattatreya (Columbia University and 
Electric Cloud, Inc.)

More details are available at: 
http://releng.polymtl.ca/RELENG2015/html/program.html. For questions, 
please contact *releng2015 at easychair.org*.


To register for the workshop, please follow the link at: 


Bram Adams, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

Stephany Bellomo, SEI, USA

Christian Bird, Microsoft Research, USA

Foutse Khomh, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

Kim Moir, Mozilla, Canada

Foutse Khomh, Ph.D.
Professeur adjoint/ Assistant professor
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