[ecoop-info] CfP: The 0th Workshop on New OO Languages (NOOL) 2015 - a SPLASH

James Noble kjx at ecs.vuw.ac.nz
Sat Aug 8 00:37:57 CEST 2015

	See: http://2015.splashcon.org/track/nool2015


      NOOL-15 is a new unsponsored workshop to bring together users
      and implementors of new(ish) object oriented systems. Through
      presentations, and panel discussions, as well as demonstrations,
      and video and audiotapes, NOOL-15 will provide a forum for
      sharing experience and knowledge among experts and novices
      alike. We invite technical papers, case studies, and surveys in
      the following areas:
      Theory: Including core definition of object oriented
      programming, semantic models and methodology.
      Languages: New object oriented languages, extensions to
      conventional languages, and existing languages.
      Implementation: Including architectural support, compilation and
      interpretation, and special techniques.
      Tools and Environments: Including livecoding, user interfaces,
      utilities and operating system support.
      Applications: Commercial, educational, and scientific
      applications that exploit object oriented programming.
      Related Work: The object oriented paradigm in other fields such
      as databases and operating systems.
      Video and audio submissions must not run longer than 5
      minutes. Videotape submissions must be on 3/4-inch U-Matic
      format tape.  Audio submissions must be on compact cassette.
      NOOL-15 is a curated workshop.  Interested presenters are
      invited to submit proposal (1 page 2 column 10pt SIGPLAN format)
      to the chair of the organising committee either by emailing a
      PDF to alex at ecs.vuw.ac.nz  or posting 5 hard copy versions
      that arrive no later than 1 September 2015; proposals will *not*
      be reviewed, but the committee will aim to produce a programme
      we think will result in an interesting workshop. NOOL-15 will
      not have a formal proceedings, however if there is interest,
      presenters may have the option of expanding on their
      presentation to appear in a post-conference technical report.
      Organising Committee:	

      Alex Potanin, VUW, (real chair and organiser)
      James Noble, VUW, (comfy chair and instigator)

      Yvonne Coady, University of Victoria

      William Cook, UT Austin
      Crista Lopes, University of California, Irvine
      Sean McDirmid, Microsoft Research

      Small Print:	    
      No correspondence will be entered into regarding unsuccessful
      Any relationship between the NOOL-15 workshop CFP and the
      OOPSLA-86 conference CFP is purely intentional. -

      NOOL logo remixes content original supplied by Wikipedia
      User:GRAHAMUK under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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