[ecoop-info] [logic-programming] LP/CP Programming Contest: Call-for-Participation

Neng-Fa Zhou neng.zhou at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 03:43:16 CEST 2015

The LP/CP programming contest will be run from 7:45PM to
9:45PM (Ireland time) on September 2 (Wednesday) during
ICLP/CP 2015, which will be held in Cork, Ireland. This
programming contest combines the Prolog programming contest,
the ASP model & solve contest, and the Minizinc model &
solve contest.

The LP/CP programming contest consists of two tracks: one
on-site track and one online track. For both tracks, each
team can consist of up to three participants, and each team
may only use a single LP/CP system. Each team is given 2
hours to solve 5 combinatorial problems. Please see the web
site below for the details:


No prior registration is required. Nevertheless, potential
teams are encouraged to register by submitting an empty
solution via Easychair at

Peter Stuckey, University of Melbourne, Australia
Antonius Weinzierl, TU Wien, Austria
Neng-Fa Zhou (chair),  CUNY, USA
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