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DCM 2015: 11th International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models
October 28, 2015, Cali - Colombia

A satellite event of ICTAC 2015 - http://www.ictac2015.co

- Submission Deadline for Extended Abstracts (5 pages): August 3
- Notification: 13 September
- Pre-proceedings version due: 5 October
- Workshop: 28 October
- Submission Deadline for EPTCS Proceedings: 7 December

== AIM
Several new models of computation have emerged in the last few years,
and many developments of traditional computational models have been
proposed with the aim of taking into account the new demands of
computer systems users and the new capabilities of computation
engines. A new computational model, or a new feature in a traditional
one, usually is reflected in a new family of programming languages,
and new paradigms of software development.

DCM 2015 is the eleventh in a series of international workshops
focusing on new computational models. The aim of this workshop is to
bring together researchers who are currently developing new
computational models or new features for traditional computational
models, in order to foster their interaction, to provide a forum for
presenting new ideas and work in progress, and to enable newcomers to
learn about current activities in this area.

DCM 2015 will be a one-day satellite event of ICTAC 2015, the Twelfth
International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing

Topics of interest include all abstract models of computation and
their properties, and their applications to the development of
programming languages and systems:

- functional calculi: lambda-calculus, rho-calculus, term and graph rewriting;
- quantum computation, including implementations and formal methods in
quantum protocols;
- probabilistic computation and verification in modeling situations;
- chemical, biological and bio-inspired computation, including spatial
models, self-assembly, growth models;
- models of concurrency, including the treatment of mobility, trust,
and security;
- infinitary models of computation;
- information-theoretic ideas in computing.

- Mauricio Ayala Rincón, Universidade de Brasilia (Brazil).
- Gilles Dowek, INRIA (France).

Submit your paper in PDF format via the conference EasyChair submission page:

Submissions should be an abstract of at most 5 pages, written in
English. Please follow the EPTCS style: http://style.eptcs.org/

Simultaneous submission to journals, conferences or other workshops is
not permitted.

A submission may contain an appendix, but reading the appendix should
not be necessary to assess its merits. After the workshop authors are
invited to submit a full paper of their presentation.

Accepted contributions will appear in an issue of EPTCS (Electronic
Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science).

- Mario Benevides (Brazil)
- Luís Caires (Portugal)
- Ugo Dal Lago (Italy)
- Nachum Dershowitz (Israel)
- Jérôme Feret (France)
- Marcelo Frias (Argentina)
- Russ Harmer (France)
- Ivan Lanese (Italy)
- Radu Mardare (Denmark)
- Elvira Mayordomo (Spain)
- César A. Muñoz (USA) - chair
- Jorge A. Pérez (The Netherlands) - chair
- Andrés Sicard-Ramírez (Colombia)
- Alexandra Silva (The Netherlands)
- Daniele Varacca (France)

- César A. Muñoz <cesar.a.munoz[at]nasa.gov>
- Jorge A. Pérez <j.a.perez[at]rug.nl>

Jorge A. Pérez
Assistant Professor
Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Groningen
Groningen, The Netherlands

Email: j.a.perez at rug.nl
URL: http://www.jorgeaperez.net

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