[ecoop-info] MASPEGHI 2015 call for participation

Markku Sakkinen markku.j.sakkinen at cs.jyu.fi
Sat May 23 11:08:21 CEST 2015

Call for participation
    MASPEGHI 2015
MechAnisms for SPEcialization, Generalization and inHerItance
A full-day workshop in conjunction with ECOOP 2015
Prague, Czech Republic, Sunday(!), 5th July, 2015

The following four peer-reviewed papers have been accepted
for presentation at the workshop.  We intend to have their
final versions accessible at least two weeks before the event.

Technical papers (long)

Andrew Black:
  "The Expression Problem, Gracefully"
Marianne Huchard:
  "Analyzing inheritance hierarchies through Formal Concept Analysis:
   A 22-years walk in a landscape of conceptual structures"

Position papers (short)

Aggelos Biboudis, George Fourtounis and Yannis Smaragdakis:
  "jUCM: Universal Class Morphing"
Markku Sakkinen:
  "On Feature Protection in C++, Java and Eiffel"

With so few papers, we can have thorough discussions on them.
We will also arrange one or two discussions with prepared
initial comments on some generally interesting theme;
multiple inheritance is one candidate.  In addition, we
intend to have an invited talk by at least one of the most
interesting researchers in this area.

Further interested persons besides the paper authors and organisers
are invited to participate in the workshop - we really wish active
participation and not just attendance.  Suggestions for making
the workshop interesting and fruitful are also welcome.

For more information, see the workshop website at

If you are interested, join the mailing list at
You will then get all news about the workshop, and will
also be able to post your own comments and suggestions.

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