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Dear colleagues,

 The deadline for submissions to the 12th International Colloquium on
Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC 2015) is **June 5, 2015**.
Please help us distribute the following final call for papers.

Martin Leucker, Camilo Rueda  and Frank D. Valencia.
 PC Chairs of ICTAC 2015.
              FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS -- ICTAC 2015
                 12th International Colloquium on
                 Theoretical Aspects of Computing
               29-31 October 2015, Cali, Colombia


* Seven invited talks: Jean-Raymond Abrial, Volker Diekert, César
Muñoz, Catuscia Palamidessi, Davide Sangiorgi, Moshe Vardi, and Glynn
* Submissions are welcome in three categories: full papers (18 pages),
short and tool papers (10 pages).
* Conference proceedings in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer).
* Special issue in Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
(Cambridge Journals).


ICTAC 2015 will take place at the campus of Universidad Javeriana,
Cali, Colombia during October 29-31, 2015.
The ICTAC conference series aims at bringing together practitioners
and researchers to exchange ideas and experiences addressing
challenges in theoretical aspects of computing as well as in
theory through methods and tools for system development.  ICTAC also
aims to promote cooperation between participants and institutions from
developing and industrial countries in research and education.

Topics of interest include theories of computation and programming,
foundations of software engineering and formal techniques in software
design and verification, as well as  tools that support formal
for software modeling, system design and verification.

The topical areas of the conference include, but are not limited to
*     Automata theory and formal languages;
*     Principles and semantics of programming languages;
*     Theories of concurrency, mobility and reconfiguration;
*     Logics and their applications;
*     Software architectures, their models, refinement and verification;
*     Relationship between software requirements, models and code;
*     Program static and dynamic analysis and verification;
*     Software specification, refinement, verification and testing;
*     Model checking and theorem proving;
*     Models of object and component systems;
*     Coordination and feature interaction;
*     Integration of theories, formal methods and tools for
engineering computing systems;
*     Service-oriented architectures: models and development methods;
*     Models of concurrency, security, and mobility;
*     Theory of distributed, grid and cloud computing;
*     Real-time, embedded, hybrid and cyber-physical systems;
*     Type and category theory in computer science.

* Jean-Raymond Abrial (Consultant, France)
* Volker Diekert (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
* César Muñoz (NASA, USA)
* Catuscia Palamidessi  (INRIA and École Polytechnique, France)
* Davide Sangiorgi (University of Bologna, Italy)
* Moshe Vardi (Rice University, USA)
* Glynn Winskel (University of Cambridge, UK)

* ICTAC Summer School on Formal Methods (October 25-27)
* DCM 2015: 11th International Workshop on Developments in
Computational Models (October 28)

== Important Dates
* Abstract submission: Monday, June 1, 2015.
* Paper submission:   Friday, June 5, 2015.
* Author notification:  Monday, July 20, 2015.
* Camera ready:  Monday, August 3, 2015.

== Paper Categories and Format
We call for submissions, related to the above areas and topics,
according to the following three categories:
* Regular papers, with original research contributions;
* Short papers, with original work in progress or with proposals of
new ideas and emerging challenges;
* Tool papers, on original descriptions of tools that support formal
techniques for software modeling, system design, and verification.

Submissions must be written in English and should adhere to the LNCS
format (see http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html for
details). Regular papers should not exceed 18 pages.
Short and tool papers should not exceed 10 pages.

Submissions to the colloquium must not have been published or be
concurrently considered for publication elsewhere. All submissions
will be judged on the basis of originality, contribution to the field,
technical and presentation quality, as well as their relevance to the

Submissions not conforming to the above requirements may be rejected
without further consideration.

==Submission Link
Papers must be submitted by using

As for the past editions, the proceedings of ICTAC 2015 will be
published by Springer in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science

==Special Issue
Extended versions of selected papers from ICTAC 2015 will be invited
to a special issue of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science

* Martin Leucker, University of Luebeck (DE).
* Camilo Rueda, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Cali (CO).
* Frank Valencia, CNRS and LIX, Ecole Polytechnique (FR).

* Frank Valencia (frank.valencia at gmail.com).

* Nazareno Aguirre (AR)
* Gerard Assayag (FR)
* Mauricio Ayala-Rincón (BR)
* Pablo Barceló (CL)
* Gustavo Betarte (UY)
* Filippo Bonchi (FR)
* Marco Carbone (DK)
* Ilaria Castellani (FR)
* Néstor Cataño (CO)
* Gabriel Ciobanu (RO)
* Silvia Crafa (IT)
* Pedro R. D'Argenio (AR)
* Nicolas D'Ippolito (AR)
* Stefan Dantchev (UK)
* Rocco De Nicola (IT)
* Yuxin Deng (CN)
* Gilles Dowek (FR)
* Moreno Falaschi (IT)
* José Luiz Fiadeiro (UK)
* Wan Fokkink (NL)
* Fabio Gadducci (IT)
* Julian Gutierrez (UK)
* Stefan Haar (FR)
* Thomas Hildebrandt (DK)
* Einar Broch Johnsen (NO)
* Bartek Klin (PL)
* Marta Kwiatkowska (UK)
* Kim G. Larsen (DK)
* Martin Leucker (DE) (co-chair)
* Etienne Lozes (FR)
* Larissa Meinicke (AU)
* Hernan Melgratti (AR)
* Dominique Mery (FR)
* Matteo Mio (FR)
* Andrzej Murawski (UK)
* Vivek Nigam (BR)
* Mauricio Osorio (MX)
* Prakash Panangaden (CA)
* Jorge A. Pérez (NL)
* Elaine Pimentel (BR)
* António Ravara (PT)
* Camilo Rocha (CO)
* Camilo Rueda (CO) (co-chair)
* Augusto Sampaio (BR)
* Vijay Saraswat (US)
* Vladimiro Sassone (UK)
* Gerardo Schneider (SE)
* Alexandra Silva (NL)
* Jiri Srba (DK)
* Jean-Bernard Stefani (FR)
* Perdita Stevens (UK)
* Kohei Suenaga (JP)
* Alwen Tiu (SG)
* Kazunori Ueda (JP)
* Frank Valencia (FR) (co-chair)
* Vasco T. Vasconcelos (PT)
* Kapil Vaswani (IN)
* Björn Victor (SE)
* Igor Walukiewicz (FR)
* Farn Wang (TW)
* Alan Wassyng (CA)
* Gianluigi Zavattaro (IT)

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