[ecoop-info] Fully-funded PhD and Postdoc positions in Robotics at Polytechnique Montreal (Canada)

Bram Adams bram.adams at polymtl.ca
Mon Nov 30 06:57:52 CET 2015

The  MIST  (PI:  Dr.  Beltrame,  http://mistlab.ca <http://mistlab.ca/>) and  MCIS  (PI:  Dr.  Adams,
http://mcis.polymtl.ca <http://mcis.polymtl.ca/>) laboratories  of the  Computer and  Software Engineering
Department of Polytechnique Montreal (Canada) are investigating novel approaches
to  create a  software ecosystem  specific  to groups  ("swarms") of  autonomous
robots,  including programming  languages,  run-time  platform, and  application

This ecosystem  is similar to  what is  currently available for  smartphones and
tablets,  for which  apps  are  designed by  developers,  deployed on  different
hardware   platforms,   and   executed   by  end   users.    More   details   at
http://mistlab.ca/projects <http://mistlab.ca/projects>.

In the context of  this project, we have fully funded  positions available for 3
PhD students  (starting Summer 2016)  and 1  postdoc (starting Winter  or Summer
2016) who share our passion for computer science, engineering, and robotics, and
would like to work in a friendly and collaborative environment:

1) One PhD  position on the design and implementation  of a programming language
for   swarm    robotics.   The   student    will   work   on    extending   Buzz
(http://the.swarming.buzz <http://the.swarming.buzz/>),    as    well    as    improving    its    low-level
implementation. Experience with C and C++ development is essential. Knowledge of
compilers, graph theory, and swarm algorithms is an asset.

2) One PhD position on code quality. The student will work on the identification
and  empirical evaluation  of quality,  security,  and safety  metrics and  best
practices for swarm programming. Knowledge of security, distributed systems, and
swarm algorithms is an asset.

3)  One  PhD  position  on  robotic  systems.  The  student  will  work  on  the
implementation and  validation of  the low-level  infrastructure needed  for our
programming  language on  robots. Experience  with programming  physical robots,
C++, and  ROS is  essential. Previous construction,  assembly, and  operation of
robots is an asset.

4) One postdoc position on robotic systems programming. The postdoc will develop
novel  swarm algorithms  and mentor  the PhD  students.  Strong  experience with
physical robots and C++ programming  is essential. Knowledge of swarm algorithms
(for task allocation in particular) and compilers is an asset.

The language spoken for  graduate studies in the MIST and  MCIS labs is English.
To apply, please follow the instructions posted on http://mistlab.ca/join <http://mistlab.ca/join>.

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