[ecoop-info] 1st Call For Papers: 10th IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges In Information Science (RCIS 2016)

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Mon Oct 5 15:37:25 CEST 2015

**10th IEEE International Conference on ****Research Challenges In 
Information Science**(RCIS 2016)*

*1-3 June 2016, Grenoble, France*


The goal of RCIS is to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers 
and practitioners from a wide range of information science fields and 
provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and dissemination. RCIS has 
become a recognised conference on research challenges in information 
sciences. Organised for the tenth time in a row, RCIS 2016 will be held 
from June 1-3, 2016, in Grenoble, France.

•    Regular paper submission deadline:*February 7, 2016* (23:59 Central 
European Time)
•    Notification to authors and registration opening: April 1, 2016
•    Author registration deadline for all paper types: April 22, 2016
•    Camera‐ready copy deadline for all paper types: April 22, 2016
•    Conference: June 1‐3, 2016

RCIS welcomes submissions from a diverse spectrum of information 
science. The list of themes and topics includes, but is not limited to, 
the following themes and topics:

Information Systems and their Engineering
•    Requirements Engineering
•    Software Engineering and Testing
•    Model-Driven Engineering
•    Information Systems Development Methods and Method Engineering
Data and Information Management
•    Databases and Information
•    Information Search and Discovery
•    Conceptual Modelling and Ontologies
•    Information Security and Risk Management
•    Big Data, Right Data
•    E-Health
•    E-Government
•    E-Commerce
•    Web-Based Applications and Services
•    Smart Cities
Information Infrastructures
•    Cyber-Physical Systems
•    Web Information Systems
•    Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
•    Internet of Things
•    Pervasive and Mobile Computing
User-Oriented Approaches
•    Human-Computer Interaction
•    Social Computing and Social Network Analysis
•    User-Centred Approaches
•    Collaborative Computing
•    Information Science and the Wisdom of the Crowd
Enterprise Engineering
•    Business Process Engineering and Management
•    Process Mining
•    Enterprise Modelling
•    Information Science within Reengineering Scenarios
•    Context-aware Organisations
Business Intelligence
•    Big Data & Business Analytics
•    Decision Information Systems
•    Knowledge Management
•    Knowledge Discovery from Data
•    Information and Value Management
Reflective Research and Practice
•    Research Methodologies in Information Science
•    Impact of Information on the Enterprise and the Individual
•    Lifecycle Models
•    Design Science and Rationale
•    Action Research and Case Studies in Information Science

Tutorials, Doctoral Consortium, Posters and Demos will complement the 
main conference.

An updated version of this call can always be found in http://rcis-conf.com/


Papers that have already been accepted or are currently under review for 
other conferences or journals will not be considered for publication at 
RCIS 2016.

Papers should be in English and must be associated to one of the 
following categories:

- Technical solution papers present solutions that are novel or 
significantly improve existing solutions. A technical solution paper 
must include a preliminary validation of the proposed solution, and 
results must be stated clearly enough so that it is possible to validate 
them in later research. Maximum page count is 12.

- Evaluation papers evaluate existing problem situations or validate 
proposed solutions through scientific means, i.e. by empirical studies, 
experiments, case studies, simulations, mathematical proofs, etc. The 
research method must be sound and appropriate. Maximum page count is 12.

- Industrial practice and experience papers present problems or 
challenges encountered in practice, describe success or failure stories, 
or report on industrial practice. The practice must be clearly described 
and its context must be given. Maximum page count is 12.

- Work in progress papers present relevant preliminary results that may 
not have been fully validated yet. The work presented should be advanced 
enough as to show its contribution and significance. Maximum page count 
is 6.

The submission website: 

By submitting a paper, authors implicitly agree that at least one of 
them will register to the conference and present the paper. It is 
expected that at least one author will register for each accepted paper.

Only papers that have been presented by their authors during the 
conference will be published as part of the IEEE Proceedings.

Authors of papers that obtain the highest scores in the reviewing 
process will be invited to submit an extended version to special issues 
of journals including the International Journal of Information System 
Modeling and Design (IGI).

Accepted papers will be submitted to IEEE for publication in IEEE Xplore 
digital library using the IEEE 2-column format 


In case you wish to format your paper according to this template you may 
use the IEEE PDF eXpress tool (http://www.pdf-express.org/) to convert 
your source file into an IEEE Xplore-compliant PDF file or to check if 
your own PDF file is IEEE Xplore‐compliant. IEEE PDF eXpress is a free 
service to IEEE conferences, allowing their authors to make IEEE 
Xplore‐compatible PDFs (conversion function) or to check PDFs that 
authors have made themselves for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF check 
function). The conference ID for the IEEE PDF eXpress can be found on 
the RCIS 2016 web site.

It is important to note that submitting a file to IEEE PDF eXpress is 
only for creation or checking of a compliant PDF file and does not work 
as a submission; you must still submit your final paper through the 
submission site indicated above. For more information about how to use 
IEEE PDF eXpress, please see http://rcis-conf.com/rcis2016/express.php.


Marco Bajec, Martine Collard, Andre Flory, Pericles Loucopoulos, Selmin 
Nurcan, Oscar Pastor, Colette Rolland, Roel Wieringa


General Chair:  Carine Souveyet
Program Chairs:  Jolita Ralyté, Sergio España
Doctoral Consortium Chair: Fabiano Dalpiaz
Posters & Demos Chairs : Saïd Assar, Maya Daneva
Tutorial Chairs : Christos Kalloniatis, Kecheng Liu
Proceedings Chair:  Rébecca Deneckère
Publicity Chair : Irina Rychkova
IEEE Liaison chair: Martine Collard
Financial & Organization Chair : Agnès Front
Web Manager : Wilfried Segretier

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