[ecoop-info] 2nd CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (RAMiCS 2015)

Michael Winter mwinter at brocku.ca
Wed Sep 2 20:40:13 CEST 2015

                      2nd CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                 15th International Conference on
   Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMiCS 2015)

           28 September to 1 October 2015, Braga, Portugal
                 URL:  http://ramics2015.di.uminho.pt

The RAMiCS Conference is the main forum for Relational and Algebraic Methods
in Computer Science. Special focus lies on formal methods for software
engineering, logics of programs and links with neighbouring disciplines.


Registration, venue, travel information and accommodation
    Please visit http://ramics2015.di.uminho.pt

Registration deadline
    4 September 2015


RAMiCS 2015 Programme

    Invited Talk: A quest for Kleene algebra in 2 dimensions
        Gheorghe Stefanescu

    Relational Mathematics for Relative Correctness
        Jules Desharnais, Nafi Diallo, Wided Ghardallou, Ali Jaoua, Marcelo Frias, Ali Mili
    Metaphorisms in Programming
        Jose Oliveira

    Type Checking by Domain Analysis in Ampersand
        Stef Joosten, Sebastiaan Joosten
    Completeness and Incompleteness in Nominal Kleene Algebra
        Dexter Kozen, Konstantinos Mamouras, Alexandra Silva
    Student Track Presentation: Decision Methods for Concurrent Kleene Algebra with Tests: Based on Derivative
        Yoshiki Nakamura

    Towards Interactive Verification of PLC Programs using MKA and KIV
        Roland Glück, Florian Benedikt Krebs
    Investigating and Computing Bipartitions with Algebraic Means
        Rudolf Berghammer, Insa Stucke, Michael Winter
    Student Track Presentation: RLE-based Algorithm for Testing Biorders
        Oliver Lanzerath

    Invited Talk: Towards a Probabilistic Interpretation of Game Logic
        Ernst-Erich Doberkat

    Mechanised Relation-Algebraic Order Theory in Ordered Categories without Meets
        Musa Al-Hassy, Wolfram Kahl
    Encoding and Decoding in Refinement Algebra
        Kim Solin
    Student Track Presentation: Relational Equality in the Intensional Theory of Types
        Victor Miraldo
    Excursion and Conference Dinner

    Invited Talk: Connections Between Relation Algebras and Cylindric Algebras
        Ian Hodkinson

    Tool-Based Verification of a Relational Vertex Coloring Program
        Rudolf Berghammer, Peter Höfner, Insa Stucke
    L-Fuzzy Databases in Arrow Categories
        Evans Adjei, Wazed Chowdhury, Michael Winter
    Student Track Presentation: Loop Analysis and Repair
        Nafi Diallo

    Text categorization using hyper rectangular keyword extraction: Application to news articles classification
        Abdelaali Hassaine, Souad Mecheter, Ali Jaoua
    Relations among Matrices over a Semiring
        Dylan Killingbeck, Milene Santos Teixeira, Michael Winter
    Student Track Presentation: Monoid Modules and Structured Documents Algebra
        Andreas Zelend
    Roughness by Residuals: Algebraic desription of rough sets and an algorithm for finding core relations
        Martin Eric Müller
    Antichain Algebra
        Bernhard Möller
    Business Meeting

    Closure, Properties and Closure Properties of Multirelations
        Rudolf Berghammer, Walter Guttmann
    Relational Formalisations of Compositions and Liftings of Multirelations
        Hitoshi Furusawa, Yasuo Kawahara, Georg Struth, Norihiro Tsumagari
    Student Track Presentation: On a monadic encoding of continuous behaviour
        Renato Neves
    Solving a tropical optimization problem via matrix sparsification
        Nikolai Krivulin
    Student Track Presentation: Models of Quantum Algorithms in Sets and Relations
        William Zeng

    Decomposition of Database Preferences on the Power Set of the Domain
        Patrick Roocks
    Completeness via canonicity for distributive substructural logics: a coalgebraic perspective
        Fredrik Dahlqvist, David Pym
    Student Track Presentation: Relational Approximation of Maximum Independent Sets
        Insa Stucke

    Generalized N-ary relations
        Bartosz Zielinski
    Student Track Presentation: A Generic Matrix Manipulator
        Dylan Killingbeck



Programme Committee

    Rudolf Berghammer     (Kiel, Germany)
    Jules Desharnais      (Laval U., Canada)
    Marcelo Frias         (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    Steven Givant         (Mills College, USA)
    Hitoshi Furusawa      (Kagoshima, Japan)
    Timothy G. Griffin    (Cambridge, UK)
    Walter Guttmann       (Canterbury, New Zealand)
    Robin Hirsch          (London, UK)
    Peter Höfner          (NICTA, Australia)
    Ali Jaoua             (Doha, Qatar)
    Peter Jipsen          (Chapman U., USA)
    Wolfram Kahl          (McMaster U., Canada)
    Rodger Maddux         (Iowa State U., USA)
    Ali Mili              (NJIT, U. Heights, USA)
    Bernhard Möller       (U. Augsburg, Germany)
    Martin E. Müller      (U. Augsburg, Germany)
    José N. Oliveira      (U. Minho, Portugal; General chair)
    Ewa Or?owska          (Warsaw, Poland)
    Agnieszka Rusinowska  (Univ. Paris 1, France)
    Gunther Schmidt       (Munich, Germany)
    Renate Schmidt        (Manchester, UK)
    Isar Stubbe           (U. Littoral-Côte-d'Opale, France)
    Michael Winter        (Brock U., Canada; PC chair)

Steering Committee

    Rudolf Berghammer  (Kiel, Germany)
    Jules Desharnais   (Laval U., Canada)
    Ali Jaoua          (Doha, Qatar)
    Peter Jipsen       (Chapman U., USA)
    Bernhard Möller    (U. Augsburg, Germany)
    José N. Oliveira   (U. Minho, Portugal)
    Ewa Or?owska       (Warsaw, Poland)
    Gunther Schmidt    (Munich, Germany)
    Michael Winter     (Brock U., Canada)

Organising Committee

    José N. Oliveira    (U. Minho, Portugal; General chair)
    Michael Winter      (Brock U., Canada; PC chair)
    Luís S. Barbosa     (U. Minho, Portugal)
    Manuel A. Cunha     (U. Minho, Portugal)
    António N. Ribeiro  (U. Minho, Portugal)

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