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*** New Submission Date - 20 September 2015 ***

4PAD 2016 (http://www.pdp2016.org/SS2.html) is a Special Session of PDP
2016 Conference (http://www.pdp2016.org/) to be held at the Aquila Atlantis
Hotel in Heraklion Crete, Greece, 17th-19th February 2016.

The aim of 4PAD is to foster interaction between the formal methods
communities and systems researchers working on topics in modern parallel,
distributed, and network-based processing systems (e.g., autonomous
computing systems, cloud computing systems, service-oriented systems and
parallel computing architectures).


We solicit papers in all areas of the above mentioned systems, including
(but not limited to):

    Rigorous software engineering approaches and their tool support
    Model-based approaches, including model-driven development
    Service- and component-based approaches
    Semantics, types and logics
    Formal specification and verification
    Performance analysis based on formal approaches
    Formal aspects of programming paradigms and languages
    Formal approaches to parallel architectures and weak memory models
    Formal approaches to deployment, run-time analysis,
adaptation/evolution, reconfiguration, and monitoring
    Case studies developed/analyzed with formal approaches
    Formal stochastic models and analysis
    Formal methods for large-scale distributed systems
    Statistical analysis techniques based on formal approaches
    Energy-efficient networking and data storage
    Programming languages, paradigms and tools for energy-efficient
software design

Important Dates:

Paper submission: 06 September 2015
Acceptance notification: 19 October 2015
Camera ready due: 10 November 2015
Conference: 17-19 February. 2016

Session Chairs:

Frédéric Loulergue (Université d'Orléans, France)
Enrico Tronci (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

Programme Committee

Marieke Huisman, University of Twente, Netherlands
Emilio Tuosto, University of Leicester, UK
Ludovic Henrio, CNRS, France
Alan Stewart, Queen's University, UK
Elena Sherman, Boise State University,    USA
John Mullins, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Virginia Niculescu, Babes Bolya University, Romania
Scott Owens, S.A.Owens at kent.ac.uk    University of Kent, UK
Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, University of Utah, USA
Mads Dam, KTH, Sweden
Gul Agha, University of Illinois, USA
Peter Kilpatrick, Queen's University, UK
Kento Emoto, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Viktor Vafeiadis, MPI-SWS, Germany

Prof. Enrico Tronci
Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Dipartimento di Informatica,
Via Salaria 113, 00198 Roma, Italy
email: tronci at di.uniroma1.it,
url: http://mclab.di.uniroma1.it
Tel: +39 06 4991 8361
Fax: +39 06 8541 842

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