[ecoop-info] PLoP 2015 @ Pittsburgh (with SPLASH 2015)

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Sat Sep 12 00:15:46 CEST 2015

Call for participation PLoP 2015
22nd Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs
October 23–26, 2015 – Pittsburgh, PA, USA

(apologies for multiple postings)

The premier conference for pattern authors and enthusiasts is here!
We are glad to announce that PLoP 2015 will feature two keynotes, by
Mary Lynn Manns, who will share her experience with "Keeping A Pattern
Language Alive", and Mary Shaw, who will discuss our "Progress Toward
an Engineering Discipline of Software". The program also already
includes great focus groups and workshops, and more additions are
still to come:

~~ About PLoP ~~

The Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP™) conference is the event
for pattern authors and enthusiasts to gather, discuss, and learn more
about patterns, programming, and software development.

This year PLoP will be co-located with the SPLASH conference, in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The conference is not traditional—the main
event is a set of Writers’ Workshops where pattern papers are reviewed
by fellow authors, led by expert workshop leaders.

Authors and everyone will find lots of opportunities to learn about
patterns, pattern languages, pattern writing, and the quest for
human-centered software creation in the panoply of PLoP activities:
Writers’ Workshops, Focus Groups, BoF sessions, BootCamp, Games,
shared meals and chit-chat.

Reinventing the past is hard to do and not what we plan. Programming,
software, and software development are changing fast. We plan to
explore where it could all go, how code will be made, what the nature
of software design will be, how scale will infect everything, and what
kinds of new software will emerge.

For more details, please visit: http://hillside.net/plop/2015/
And follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/plopcon

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