[ecoop-info] ECOOP 2016 - Call For Participation - Students

Emilio Coppa coppa at di.uniroma1.it
Tue Apr 19 12:42:50 CEST 2016

ECOOP at ROME / Students

Interested in hearing the latest about Scala,
Perl, Clojure, Rust, Swift, JavaScript,
and many many other languages and systems?

Curious about new ideas such as gradual types,
JIT compilers for dynamic languages, differential
privacy or deep learning?

Always wanted to meet the likes of Larry Wall, David
Nolen, Mark Miller?

Join us in Rome from July 17 to July 22.

The ECOOP conference offers support to students and
professionals interested in attending. To apply:


# Bachelor, Master, and early Doctoral Students

The ECOOP Summer School provides an easy introduction
to the world of research in programming languages.
No background is required other than an interest in
languages technologies. This year the ESS will have
four half day sessions on Empirical methods,
Just-in-Time compilers, Gradual types, and Research
on scripting languages.
Info: http://2016.ecoop.org/track/Summer+School

# Doctoral Students

The Doctoral Symposium provides a forum for both early-
and late-stage PhD students to present their research
and get detailed feedback and advice. The objectives
- to write clearly & present research proposals effectively
- to get constructive feedback from other researchers
- to build bridges for potential research collaboration

Info: http://2016.ecoop.org/track/ecoop-2016-doctoral-symposium

# All Students

Register to be Student Volunteers, help with the
organization of the conference, get a free registration
and a ticket to the banquet.
Info: http://2016.ecoop.org/track/Student+Volunteers

# All attendees

Apply for reduced and shared housing to cut down the costs of
attending the conference. We can help you book cheap rooms
and connect people wishing to share a room.
Info: http://2016.ecoop.org/attending/accommodation

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