[ecoop-info] CAISE 2016 early registration!

Rebecca Deneckere Rebecca.Deneckere at univ-paris1.fr
Mon Apr 25 10:28:24 CEST 2016


Registration is now open for CAISE 2016!
Early bird registration is possible till *14 may 2016*.
Don't be late and register now at http://caise2016.si/registration/


*CAISE 2016 Theme: Information systems for connecting people


Information systems are developed by people and for people. The theme 
“*Information systems for connecting people*” emphasizes the wish to 
satisfy the needs and requirements of people, both as individuals and as 
parts of organizations, which are socio-technical systems.

In particular, this theme emphasizes the role of information systems in 
communication among individuals, organisational units, and organizations 
themselves.  It may also imply knowledge building and knowledge sharing, 
all kinds of decision making, negotiating and reaching agreements, 
bridging differences and distances among various points-of-view, 
perspectives, positions and/or cultures.

Information systems that satisfy these are usually communication and 
cooperation-intensive systems. Examples include, on the individual side, 
collaborative applications and social networks, and on the 
organizational side, globalization and interoperability support, 
inter-organizational processes, enterprise computing, social computing, 
and more.  The sociality is also a new paradigm when applied to 
information systems.  Developing such systems requires a good 
understanding of (i) how an individual operates, (ii) how the intentions 
and goals of an individual can be aligned with the organizational ones, 
(ii) how individual capabilities as well as limitations are represented 
and taken into account or alleviated in system design. Combined with 
state-of-the-art technology, this understanding will guide the 
development of next generation information systems.

We believe that those principles will challenge and question research 
efforts in information systems engineering during the next decade and 
will also nurture multi-disciplinary research. Research related to this 
theme can address all life-cycle phases of information systems that 
connect people, from human and organizational requirements to 
utilization of data created by such systems.

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