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The 35th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security
20 - 23 September 2016
Trondheim, Norway


Fast Abstract submission: 13 July 2016
End Early registration 21 July 2016 (Increased fee after this date.)
Workshops: 20 September 2016
Conference: 21-23 September 2016

Since it was established in 1979 by the European Workshop on  
Industrial Computer Systems, Technical Committee 7 on Reliability,  
Safety and Security (EWICS TC7), SAFECOMP has contributed to the  
progress of the state-of-the-art in dependable application of  
computers in safety-related and safety-critical systems. SAFECOMP is  
an annual event covering the state-of-the-art, experience and new  
trends in the areas of safety, security and reliability of critical  
computer applications.
SAFECOMP provides ample opportunity to exchange insights and  
experience on emerging methods, approaches and practical solutions. It  
is a single track conference without parallel sessions, allowing easy  

The conference covers all aspects related to the development,  
assessment, operation and maintenance of safety-related and  
safety-critical computer systems.
There are 26 accepted regular papers to be presented, both academic  
and industrial, as well as fast abstracts, demonstrations and more,  
organized in the following sessions:
Fault Injection, Safety Assurance, Formal verification, Fast  
Abstracts, Automotive, Anomalies detection and resilience, Cyber  
security, Fault trees and  Safety Analysis

Manuel Oriol (ABB)
Alan Burns (Univ. York)
Håkon Olsen (Lloyds)

A number of workshops are taking place on the 20th of September. See  
the SAFECOMP 2016 web-site for more information. (Registration only  
for these is possible.)

Trondheim and the Mid-Norway region are steeped in both history and  
today's world. Think of it as an ancient city with a modern soul.  
Trondheim was Norway's first capital city, founded more than 1,000  
years ago, in 997 - but now instead of Viking raiders and Hanseatic  
traders, you will find jazz musicians and an international student  
body savouring Trondheim city life. The city's cafes spill out onto  
cobblestone streets lined with colourful wooden buildings, while the  
twin towers and copper-clad spire of Europe's northernmost gothic  
cathedral frame the southern skyline. Trondheim is the leader among  
Norwegian regions for technological R&D activity. This activity is  
strongly oriented toward high technology with the electronics  
manufacturers such as Atmel, communication devices (Nordic  
Semiconductors) being world leaders,
as well as software providers such as the major Web-search-tech  
companies and others complement the traditional Norwegian research  
strengths such as in Oil&Gas, marine technologies and fish and  
seafarming tecnologies. The Norwegian University of Science and  
Technology, NTNU, has its main campus almost inside the city-centre.
The conference will take place in Scandic Nidelven hotel, a modern  
conference-hotel, with sights and attractions such as the Nidaros  
Cathedral, Bakklandet, and Gamle Bybro within short walking distance.  
It has a beautiful location by the river Nidelven, situated next to  
one of Trondheim's most popular areas with many restaurants and cafés.  
Buses from the airport takes 30 minutes and stops nearby.


Francesca Saglietti (Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE)

General Chair
Amund Skavhaug (NTNU, NO)

Program Co-Chairs
Jérémie Guiochet (LAAS-CNRS, FR)
Amund Skavhaug (NTNU, NO)

Publication Chair
Friedemann Bitsch, (THALES Transportation Systems GmbH, DE)

Local Organizing Committee
Sverre Hendseth (NTNU, NO)
Knut Reklev (NTNU, NO)
Adam L. Kleppe (NTNU, NO)

Workshop Chair
Erwin Schoitsch (AIT, AT)

Publicity Chair
Elena Troubitsyna (Åbo Akademi University, FI)

International Program Committee
Alata, E. (FR) Kelly, T.  (UK)
Bitsch, F.  (DE) Knight, J.  (US)
Bologna, S.  (IT)  Koopman,P.  (US)
Bondavalli, A.  (IT)  Koornneef, F.  (NL)
Braband, J.  (DE)  Larrouchi, Y.  (FR)
Casimiro, A.  (PT)   Littlewood, B.  (UK)
Chozos, N.  (UK) Meulen, M.van der (NO)
Cotroneo, D.  (IT)  Moraes,R.  (BR)
Daniel, P.  (UK)  Nanya, T.  (JP)
Denney, E.  (US)  Nordland, O.  (NO)
Di Giandomenico,F. (IT)  Ortmeier, F.  (DE)
Ehrenberger, W. (DE)  Palanque, P.  (FR)
Flammini, F.  (IT)  Pattabiraman, K.(CA)
Gallina, B.  (SE)  Paulitsch, M.  (DE)
Gashi, I.  (UK)  Romanovski, A.  (UK)
Gorski, J.  (PL)  Rushby, J.  (US)
Grunske, L.  (DE)  Saglietti, F.  (DE)
Guiochet, J.  (FR)  Schmitz,C.  (CH)
Gulijk, C.van  (UK)  Schoitsch, E.  (AT)
Halang, W.  (DE)  Schon, W.  (FR)
Heegaard, P.  (NO)  Seguin,C.  (FR)
Heisel, M.  (DE)  Skavhaug, A.  (NO)
Helvik, B.  (NO)  Sujan,M.  (UK)
Pfeifer, H.  (DE)  Tonettas, S.  (IT)
Holger, P.  (DE)  Törngren, M.  (SE)
Johnson, C.  (UK)  Trapp,M.  (DE)
Jonsson, E.  (SE)  Troubitsyna, E. (FI)
Kaâniche, M.  (FR)  Verhoef, M.  (NL)
Kanoun, K.  (FR)  Waeselynck, H.  (FR)

More information:
Secretariat SAFECOMP2016:
Department of Production and Quality Engineering
S. P. Andersens veg 5, 7031 Trondheim, Norway
email : safecomp2016 at ntnu.edu
Tel : +47 91897296
contact: Amund Skavhaug

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