[ecoop-info] Modularity '16 - Call for Discussion Posters

José María Conejero chemacm at unex.es
Fri Mar 4 13:32:11 CET 2016

*** MODULARITY '16 ***
15th International Conference on Modularity
March 14-17, 2016
University of Málaga, Spain


As part of Posters and Demos session at Modularity 2016, we have introduced
a new poster format, called "Discussion Poster".
This poster format will allow for space and time for small group discussion
on a particular topic, as a result of which the participants will produce a
poster. This poster will appear on the conference website (but now
We hope that this event will bring together people interested in similar
issues, help to kick start some new collaborations, and even lead to full
paper submissions for the next Modularity conference.
These posters will be co-created as part of the discussion process at the
Conference itself, and not submitted ahead. To apply for a discussion
poster, please submit a topic and 1 or 2 paragraph abstract to the Demos
and Posters chair at this email:  demos at modularity.info. Discussion poster
slots will be allocated on first come first served basis. We currently have
only 3 slots available.

Sample of a Discussion Poster:
Topic: Software Engineering for Sustainable Systems
Abstract: This poster will discuss the topics of capturing, modularly
representing, and implementing sustainability-related concerns throughout
software engineering life cycle: from requirements engineering through
architecture design, implementation, dedicated language engineering,
testing, and deployment activities. Software systems are a powerful tool in
transforming societies, but they can only support transformations for which
they have been developed. We will discuss how we can engineer software that
supports transformation towards sustainability.

José María Conejero Manzano
Quercus Software Engineering Group.
Assistant Professor, Universidad de Extremadura
Escuela Politécnica, Avda. de la Universidad, s/n. 10071 - Cáceres (Spain)
(  +34 927 257 100 (ext. 57563)
7 +34 927 257 202
* chemacm at unex.es
<http://about.me/chemacm>   http://about.me/chemacm

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