[ecoop-info] Call for Participation - 9th International Symposium on Foundations & Practice of Security (FPS 2016), Quebec City, October 2016

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   9th International Symposium on Foundations & Practice of Security
     (FPS 2016), Quebec city, QC, Canada, 24-26 October 2016

** Early Bird Registration until October 10, 2016 **


The aim of FPS is to discuss and exchange theoretical and practical
ideas that address security issues in inter-connected systems. It aims
to provide scientific presentations as well as to establish links,
promote scientific collaboration, joint research programs, and student
exchanges between institutions involved in this important and fast
moving research field.

The Foundations & Practice of Security (FPS) Symposium started as a
Franco-Canadian meeting sponsored by MITACS, INRIA and Institut
Mines-Telecom, and has since 2011 grown to be an international event
on its own. After the previous meetings held in Clermont-Ferrand,
La Rochelle, Montreal, Grenoble, Toronto and Paris, this 9th edition
of the FPS symposium will be held in Quebec City, Canada.


** Jeremy Clark, Concordia University, Canada.
   (The Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology Landscape)

** François Laviolette, Laval University, Canada.
   (Machine Learning, Big Data and Security)

** Jean-Yves Marion, LORIA, France.
   (A Morphological Approach to Binary Code Analysis)


Monday, October 24th

09:00 Keynote Talk 1

      Machine Learning, Big Data and Security.
      François Laviolette.

10:30 Session 1: Malware and Anomaly Detection

      - MalProfiler: Automatic and Effective Classification of Android
      Malicious Apps in Behavioral Classes. Antonio La Marra, Fabio
      Martinelli, Andrea Saracino and Mina Sheikhalishahi.

      - Andrana: Quick and Accurate Malware Detection for Android.
      Andrew Bedford, Sebastien Garvin, Jose Desharnais, Nadia Tawbi,
      Hana Ajakan, Frederic Audet and Bernard Lebel.

      - Micro-Signatures: The Effectiveness of Known Bad N-Grams for
      Network Anomaly Detection (short paper). Richard Harang and Peter

13:30 Session 2: Intrusion Response

      - Multi-Criteria Recommender Approach for Supporting Intrusion
      Response System. Tarek Bouyahia, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Frederic
      Cuppens and Fabien Autrel.

      - An Optimal Metric-Aware Response Selection Strategy for
      Intrusion Response Systems.  Nadine Herold, Matthias Wachs,
      Stephan-A. Posselt and Georg Carle.

      - Attack Mitigation by Data Structure Randomization (short paper).
      Zhongtian Chen and Hao Han.

15:30 Session 3: Vulnerability Analysis and and Security Metrics

      - Vulnerability Analysis of Software Defined Networking.
      Salaheddine Zerkane, David Espes, Frederic Cuppens and Philippe Le

      - Towards Metric-Driven, Application-Specific Visualization of
      Attack Graphs. Mickael Emirkanian-Bouchard and Lingyu Wang.

      - Insider threat likelihood assessment for access control systems:
      Quantitative approach (short paper). Sofiene Boulares, Kamel Adi
      and Luigi Logrippo.

Tuesday, October 25th

09:00 Keynote Talk 2

      A morphological Approach to binary Code Analysis.
      Jean-Yves Marion.

10:30 Session 4: Privacy and Verification

      - An Enhancement of Privacy-preserving Wildcards Pattern Matching.
      Tushar Kanti Saha and Takeshi Koshiba.

      - Privacy-aware Data Sharing in a Tree-based Categorical
      Clustering Algorithm.  Mina Sheikhalishahi, Mohamed Mejri, Nadia
      Tawbi and Fabio Martinelli.

      - Three Views of Log Trace Triaging. Raphael Khoury, Sebastien
      Gaboury and Sylvain Halle

13:30 Session 5: Crypto and Communication Security

      - A Multi-Round Side Channel Attack on AES using Belief Propagation.
      Helene Le Bouder, Ronan Lashermes, Gael Thomas, Yanis Linge and
      Jean-Yves Zie.

      - Anonymizable Ring Signature Without Pairing. Olivier Blazy,
      Xavier Bultel and Pascal Lafourcade.

      - Security analysis of WirelessHART communication scheme. Lyes
      Bayou, David Espes, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia and Frederic Cuppens.

Wednesday, October 26th

09:00 Keynote Talk 3

      The Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology.
      Jeremy Clark.

10:30 Session 6: Malware and Antivirus

      - Function classification for the retro-engineering of malwares.
      Guillaume Bonfante and Julien Oury Nogues.

      - On the Feasibility of Malware Authorship Attribution. Saed
      Alrabaee, Paria Shirani, Mourad Debbabi and Lingyu Wang

      - Micro-Signatures: Semantically Non-Preserving Transformations
      for Antivirus Evaluation (short paper). Erkan Ersan, Lior Malka
      and Bruce Kapron.

13:30 Session 7: Web, Cloud, and Delegation

      - A self-correcting information flow control model for the
      web-browser. Deepak Subramanian, Guillaume Hiet and Christophe

      - Threat Modeling for Cloud Data Center Infrastructures. Nawaf
      Alhebaishi, Lingyu Wang, Sushil Jajoda and Anoop Singhal.

      - Strategies for Incorporating Delegation into Attribute-Based
      Access Control (ABAC) (short paper). Daniel Servos and Sylvia L.

15:30 Session 8: Physical Security

      - Patrolling Trees with Mobile Robots. Jurek Czyzowicz,Adrian
      Kosowski, Evangelos Kranakis, and Najmeh Taleb.

      - Towards Side-Channel Secure Firmware Updates - A Minimalist
      Anomaly Detection Approach. Oscar Guillen, Fabrizio De Santis,
      Ralf Brederlow and Georg Sigl.


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