[ecoop-info] ECOOP 2017 - Call for Workshop Proposals

Silvia Crafa crafa at math.unipd.it
Mon Oct 31 09:18:38 CET 2016

                   ECOOP 2017 - CALL FOR  WORKSHOP PROPOSAL
        The 31st European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
                   19-23 June 2017, Barcelona, Spain
         co-located with PLDI 2017 and other events

              http://2017.ecoop.org    #ECOOP2017    @ECOOPconf

In 2017, the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
(ECOOP), will be held in Barcelona, Spain. ECOOP will host an array of
workshops on a variety of topics in computing from June 19th through
20th. Typically, a workshop either addresses a focused topic in depth
or explores connections between object-oriented technologies and other


The deadline for workshop proposals will be ***January 31st, 2017***

A workshop proposal should include the following information:
  1.  Name of the workshop.
  2.  Duration of the workshop (half-day, full-day, multi-day).
  3.  An abstract: 150-200 words describing the workshop, suitable for
        the ECOOP web site.
  4.  A preliminary Call For Workshop Papers describing the workshop’s
        focus and its main topics.
  5.  A summary of the workshop format: e.g., refereed papers, and/or
        short papers, and/or invited talks, and/or problem solving, and/or
        brainstorming sessions. How will papers or other submissions be
  6.  A description of how the workshop papers and results will be
        published or otherwise disseminated.
  7.  References to previous editions of the workshop (if any) including
        information about the number of participants.
  8.  About each organizer:
       - Name, affiliation, and contact information.
       - Primary contact: identify one organizer as the primary contact.
       - A brief biography (up to 200 words), focusing on the
         organizer’s expertise in the field and experience as a
         workshop organizer.
  9.  Any special requirements that the workshop may have.


Workshop proposals should be submitted by email to the ECOOP 2017
workshop organizers, Werner Dietl (wdietl at uwaterloo.ca) and Ernest
Teniente (teniente at essi.upc.edu).


Each workshop will have to pay attention to the following estimated
timing constraints: the workshop’s web page should be up two weeks
after notification of acceptance, the Call for Papers should be public
by February 20th, the deadline for submission April 20th, and
notification May 15th.


  - Proposals will be reviewed by the ECOOP 2017 workshop organizers
     once submission has closed.
  - Notification will be sent one week after submission has closed.
  - Each proposal will be evaluated according to the value and
     relevance of its workshop topic, the expertise and experience of
     the workshop organizers, and the potential of the proposed
     workshop to attract participants and generate useful results.
  - The number of accepted proposals will be limited by the
     availability of the conference rooms.


We ask you to set up your PC chair and your web page as soon as
possible. When building your PC, please consider that it is important
that PC members attend the workshop to have lively discussions. It is
motivating for workshop participants to meet experts in the field.


A proposal should clearly state how the results of the workshop – the
papers and other outcomes – will be made available to participants and
others, both before and after the workshop event. Guidance will be
provided to organizers who wish to publish their proceedings with
Dagstuhl LIPIcs.


For additional information about this Call for Workshops, please
contact the ECOOP 2017 workshop organizers, Werner Dietl
(wdietl at uwaterloo.ca) and Ernest Teniente (teniente at essi.upc.edu).

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