[ecoop-info] APLAS2016 call for participation

Atsushi Igarashi igarashi at kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Sep 30 02:33:21 CEST 2016

			Call for Participation

      14th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems

			 November 21-23, 2016
			   Hanoi, Vietnam

	      Early Registration Deadline: October 15th

APLAS aims to stimulate programming language research by providing a
forum for the presentation of latest results and the exchange of ideas
in programming languages and systems. APLAS is based in Asia, but is
an international forum that serves the worldwide programming language

APLAS 2016 will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The venue is Hanoi
University of Science and Technology.  The symposium features invited
talks by distinguished researchers:

    Kazuaki Ishizaki (IBM Research -- Tokyo)
    Making Hardware Accelerator Easier to Use
    Frank Pfenning (CMU)
    Substructural Proofs as Automata
    Adam Chlipala (MIT)
    Fiat: A New Perspective on Compiling Domain-Specific Languages in
    a Proof Assistant


  See http://soict.hust.edu.vn/~aplas2016/registration/ for details.

  (Registration is already open but we are still preparing online payment,
  which will be available on October 3rd.)

Poster session (abstract submissions due on Octber 1st): 

  You can still submit a poster proposal and present a poster during
  the symposium!  See
  http://soict.hust.edu.vn/~aplas2016/call-for-posters/ for details.

Technical Program:

Day 1 (Mon, Nov. 21)

8:50-9:00 Opening
9:00-10:00 Invited talk I
 Kazuaki Ishizaki (IBM Research — Tokyo)
 Making Hardware Accelerator Easier to Use 

 Sooyoung Cha, Sehun Jeong and Hakjoo Oh
 Learning a Strategy for Choosing Widening Thresholds from a Large Codebase
 Jiaqi Tan, Hui Jun Tay, Rajeev Gandhi and Priya Narasimhan
 AUSPICE-R: Automatic Safety-Property Proofs for Realistic Features in Machine Code
 Tatsuya Abe and Toshiyuki Maeda
 Observation-based Concurrent Program Logic for Relaxed Memory Consistency Models
 Oleg Kiselyov
 Probabilistic Programming Language and its Incremental Evaluation
 Gabriel Radanne, Vincent Balat and Jérôme Vouillon
 Eliom: A core ML language for tierless Web programming

 Taichi Yachi and Eijiro Sumii
 A Sound and Complete Bisimulation for Contextual Equivalence in λ-calculus with Call/cc
 Daniel J. Dougherty, Ugo De’ Liguoro, Luigi Liquori and Claude Stolze
 A Realizability Interpretation for Intersection and Union Types
 Beniamino Accattoli and Giulio Guerrieri
 Open Call-by-Value

 Andrea Rosà, Lydia Y. Chen and Walter Binder
 AkkaProf: a Profiler for Akka Actors in Parallel and Distributed Applications
 Ryoya Arai, Shigeyuki Sato and Hideya Iwasaki
 A Debugger-Cooperative Higher-Order Contract System in Python

Day 2 (Tue, Nov. 22)

9:00-10:00 Invited talk II
 Frank Pfenning
 Substructural Proofs as Automata

 Furio Honsell, Marina Lenisa, Luigi Liquori and Ivan Scagnetto
 Implementing Cantor’s ParadiseYanpeng Yang, Xuan Bi and Bruno C. D. S. Oliveira
 Unified Syntax with Iso-Types
 Oleg Kiselyov, Yukiyoshi Kameyama and Yuto Sudo
 Refined Environment Classifiers: Type- and Scope-safe Code Generation with Mutable Cells

 Taku Terao, Takeshi Tsukada and Naoki Kobayashi
 Verification of Higher-Order Concurrent Programs with Dynamic Resource Creation
 Azalea Raad, Aquinas Hobor, Philippa Gardner and Jules Villard
 Verifying Concurrent Graph Algorithms
 Kazuhide Yasukata, Takeshi Tsukada and Naoki Kobayashi
 Higher-Order Model Checking in Direct Style
15:00-16:30 Poster Session

 Alwen Tiu, Nam Nguyen and Ross Horne
 SPEC: An Equivalence Checker for Security Protocols
 Hans Hüttel
 Binary session types for psi-calculi
 Kai Stadtmüller, Martin Sulzmann and Peter Thiemann
 Static Trace-Based Deadlock Analysis for Synchronous Mini-Go

Day 3 (Wed, Nov. 23)

9:00-10:00 Invited talk III
 Adam Chlipala
 Fiat: A New Perspective on Compiling Domain-Specific Languages in a Proof Assistant

 Azalea Raad, José Fragoso Santos and Philippa Gardner
 DOM: Specification and Client Reasoning
 Makoto Tatsuta, Quang Loc Le and Wei-Ngan Chin
 Decision Procedure for Separation Logic with Inductive Definitions and Presburger Arithmetic
 Zhe Hou and Alwen Tiu
 Completeness for a First-order Abstract Separation Logic

Conference Organizers:

 General Cochairs
  Quyet-Thang Huynh, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam
  Viet-Ha Nguyen, Vietnam National University, Vietnam
 Program Chair
  Atsushi Igarashi, Kyoto University, Japan
 Poster Chair
  Hung Nguyen, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

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