[ecoop-info] 4 Funded Ph.D. Positions at Halmstad University, Sweden

M.R. Mousavi m.r.mousavi at hh.se
Fri Apr 7 06:35:24 CEST 2017

Four PhD Positions in Computer Science and Engineering
with a Focus on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems

Halmstad University announces the availability of four Ph.D. positions in
Computer Science and Engineering in the Center for Research on Embedded
Systems, CERES.

Position Descriptions

The selected PhD students will be responsible for conducting research to
address fundamental problems in the domains of embedded and cyber-physical
systems, with a particular focus on practical challenges arising with
autonomous driving functions.

The specific goals for the projects and the desirable expertises for the
four projects are as follows:

1. Infrastructure for Stream Computing:
The research is focused on design methods for implementation of stream
processing applications on emerging computing platforms such as GPGPUs,
manycores, and FPGAs. Specific goals include developing intermediate
representations to facilitate compiler modularity and profiling tools to
provide feedback that enables the developer to achieve performance,
programmability, and energy efficiency. Evaluation criteria for candidates
will include knowledge and experience in the areas of parallel programming
models, streaming media processing, open source software development,
manycore and reconfigurable architectures. For more information on this
position please contact Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin (zain-ul-abdin at hh.se).

Apply for the position: http://bit.ly/PhDStreaming

2. 5G Wireless Communications: The research is focused on designing
communication protocols for cooperative intelligent transportation systems.
Specific goals include supporting (semi-)autonomous driving using
next-generation cellular infrastructure as well as dedicated short-range
inter-vehicular communications. Evaluation criteria for candidates will
include knowledge and experience in the areas of wireless communications,
streaming media processing, probability theory, networks simulation tools
and recent mobile broadband standards. For more information on this
position please contact Professor Alexey Vinel (alexey.vinel at hh.se).

Apply for the position: http://bit.ly/PhD5G

3. Model-Based Testing: The research is focused on testing software product
lines based on formal models (including aspects of continuous dynamics).
Specific goals include developing efficient test case generation and
execution methods and tools for product lines of cyber-physical systems.
Evaluation criteria for candidates will include knowledge and experience in
the areas of software testing, formal methods, and formal verification. For
more information on this position please contact Professor Mohammad Reza
Mousavi (m.r.mousavi at hh.se ).

Apply for the position: http://bit.ly/PhDTesting

4. Rigorous Simulation: The overarching goal of this work is to develop the
foundations for next-generation modeling and simulation technologies. This
work continues the development of the Acumen hybrid-systems modeling
language. Specific goals include extending rigorous simulation semantics to
support probabilistic systems, allowing more non-determinism in models,
improving the accuracy and performance of solvers, and demonstrating
applicability to industrial relevant problems. Evaluation criteria for
candidates will include knowledge and experience in the areas of
programming language semantics, programming language implementation,
differential equations, hybrid systems reachability analysis, probability
theory, validated numerical methods, modeling & simulation of
cyber-physical systems, and open source software development. For more
information on this position please contact Professor Walid Taha (
walid.taha at hh.se).

Apply for the position: http://bit.ly/PhDRigorousSimulation

You are more than welcome to apply for one or more of the positions above.

Principal duties

The selected PhD student will be responsible for conducting research within
the CERES research center (http://ceres.hh.se/), participating in the
required learning activities, and will also have a teaching responsibility
(20% of full time teaching). The four positions are funded by the ELLIIT
multi-university strategic research environment (https://liu.se/elliit) and
by Halmstad University. Positions are renewed annually subject to
satisfactory progress. The four doctoral students will be involved in joint
research collaborations with Blekinge Institute of Technology, Linköping
University, and Lund University.


The positions require having a Masters degree in Computer Science or
Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Communications, Signal
Processing, Communications Engineering, or a related field. In addition,
the criteria described for the individual positions above will be applied
for evaluation.


Doctoral students are employees of the University and paid a salary
according to a uniform salary scale, adjusted in relation to the progress
in education and the first step is SEK 25 000 before taxes.


Applications should be sent via Halmstad University's recruitment system
MyNetwork (see links under each position). The last day to apply for the
positions is 2017-05-01.

The application package shall consist of:

1) a cover letter stating the purpose of the application and a brief
statement of why you believe that your background and goals are
well-matched with the goals of this position,

2) a CV that includes at least

- a list of previous degrees, dates, and institution, transcripts for
higher-education studies until most recent available

- a complete list of publications and a description of previous research
and other work experience and links to online copies of the most important

4) copies of previous transcripts and degrees,

5) a copy of previous publications, if any, and

6) contact information for three references.

General Information

Halmstad University is a young university in the popular coastal resort
town of Halmstad. The University has roughly 600 employees and 5 000 full
time students and education on all levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D.
education. The University is well known for research carried out in
cooperation with industry, for innovation, and for entrepreneurship.

English is widely spoken in Sweden and is the working language for graduate
and doctoral studies.
Support for learning Swedish is available, and speaking Swedish facilitates
important aspects of life, such as interacting with government authorities
and society

Halmstad can be reached by a direct train connection from the Copenhagen
Kastrup and Göteborg-Landvetter airport. Sweden is well known for a very
high quality of life and excellent social care facilities. There are
excellent (incl. international) schools and daycares around, as well as
various recreational and entertainment facilities.

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