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Table of contents:

* 1 - [FME Events] The 2018 Federated Logic Conference (FLoC 2018) - First
  Announcement - Andrzej Murawski <A.Murawski at warwick.ac.uk>
* 2 - [FME Events] NFM 2017 - 2nd Call For Participation - Rody Kersten
  <rody.kersten at sv.cmu.edu>


 <CAEEY9YANEgu70NCXDKH3Dr75HcUPaZ_tfuyHMGCMptXE7uP0jQ at mail.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 22:27:00 +0200
From: Andrzej Murawski <A.Murawski at warwick.ac.uk>
Subject: [FME Events] The 2018 Federated Logic Conference (FLoC 2018) - First

*FLoC 2018 — The 2018 Federated Logic Conference*

6-19 July 2018

Oxford, England UK


In 1996, as part of its Special Year on Logic and Algorithms, DIMACS hosted
the first Federated Logic Conference (FLoC). It was modelled after the
successful Federated Computer Research Conference (FCRC), and
synergetically brought together conferences that apply logic to computer

We are pleased to announce the seventh Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'18)
to be held in Oxford, UK, in July 2018, at the Mathematical Institute and
the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.

FLoC 2018 brings together nine major international conferences related to
mathematical logic and computer science:

   - International Conference on Computer Aided Verification
   <http://i-cav.org/> (CAV)
   - IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium
   <http://www.ieee-security.org/CSFWweb/> (CSF)
   - International Symposium on Formal Methods <http://fm2016.cs.ucy.ac.cy/>
   - International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and
   Deduction <http://fscdconference.org/> (FSCD)
   - International Conference on Logic Programming
   <http://www.logicprogramming.org/ALP/conferences/> (ICLP)
   - International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
   <http://www.ijcar.org/> (IJCAR)
   - International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving

   - Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
   <http://lics.rwth-aachen.de/> (LICS)
   - International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability
   Testing <http://www.satisfiability.org/> (SAT)

Plus FLoC workshops (7-8 July, 13 July, and 18-19 July) and the School on
Foundations of Programming and Software Systems (FoPSS, 30 June – 6 July).

We have already begun confirming exciting lineup of speakers
<http://www.floc2018.org/speakers/>, including keynotes by Shafi Goldwasser
<https://www.csail.mit.edu/user/733> and Georges Gonthier
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Gonthier>; plenary lectures by Peter
O’Hearn <http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/p.ohearn/> and Byron Cook
<http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/b.cook/>; and a public lecture by Stuart
Russell <https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/%7Erussell/> at the Sheldonian
Theatre.  We will also hold an Oxford Union-style debate on ethics for
autonomous robots.  There will be banquets, receptions and other social
events in historic venues across the city: see
www.floc2018.org/social-events/ for the latest updates.

The call for workshop proposals will be issued shortly, and calls for
papers will be issued in early 2018.  We will keep www.floc2018.org
up-to-date so please do check back for further information on talks,
workshops, conferences and social events.

FLoC'18 Steering Committee

General Chair: Moshe Y. Vardi

Conference Co-chairs: Daniel Kroening, Marta Kwiatkowska

CAV Representative: Orna Grumberg

CSF Representative: Stephen Chong

FM Representative: Ana Cavalcanti

FSCD Representative: Luke Ong

ICLP Representative: Torsten Schaub

IJCAR Representative: Franz Baader

ITP Representative: Larry Paulson

LICS Representative: Martin Grohe

SAT Representative: Armin Biere

SIGLOG Representative: Prakash Panangaden

Programme Committee

                General Chair: Moshe Y. Vardi

                Co-chairs: Daniel Kroening, Marta Kwiatkowska

                CAV: Hana Chockler

                CSF: Stephen Chong

                FM: Bill Roscoe

                FSCD: Hélène Kirchner

                ICLP: Paul Tarau

                IJCAR: Roberto Sebastiani

                ITP: Assia Mahboubi

                LICS: Martin Hofmann

                SAT: Olaf Byersdorff

                + Local organising committee

Organising Committee

                Co-chairs: Daniel Kroening, Marta Kwiatkowska

                Website: Michael Tautschnig

                PR: Andrzej Murawski

                Fundraising: Hana Chockler

                Workshops Chair: Gethin Norman

                Workshops Deputy Chair: Christoph Haase

                Proceedings: Radu Calinescu

                Program: Dave Parker

                Mentoring and Diversity: Alexandra Silva

                Venue Oversight: Stefan Kiefer

                Volunteer Coordinator: Julian Gutierrez

                Oxford Union Debate: May Chan

                CAV: Georg Weissenbacher

                CSF: Cas Cremers

                FM: Erik de Vink

                FSCD: Paula Severi

   ICLP: Marco Gavanelli

                IJCAR: Ian Horrocks

                ITP: Jeremy Avigad

                LICS: Sam Staton

                SAT: Christoph Wintersteiger

Workshops Committee

   General Chair: Moshe Y. Vardi

                Co-chairs: Daniel Kroening, Marta Kwiatkowska

                Workshops Chair: Gethin Norman

                Workshops Deputy Chair: Christoph Haase

                CAV: Hana Chockler

                CSF: Cas Cremers

                FM: Helen Treharne

                FSCD: Paula Severi

                ICLP: Stefan Woltran

                IJCAR: Alberto Griggio

                ITP: Assia Mahboubi

                LICS: Patricia Bouyer

                SAT: Martina Seidl

FLoC 2018 registration will open in early 2018: we look forward to seeing

Message-ID: <2a996957-a710-a6de-9efe-7895dbbba4b9 at sv.cmu.edu>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 11:13:53 -0700
From: Rody Kersten <rody.kersten at sv.cmu.edu>
Subject: [FME Events] NFM 2017 - 2nd Call For Participation

NFM 2017 - 2nd Call For Participation
The 9th NASA Formal Methods Symposium
May 16 - 18, 2017
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA, USA

Program is now available. NFM'17 is free to attend, but note that
registration is required.


The NASA Formal Methods Symposium (NFM) is a forum to foster
collaboration between theoreticians and practitioners from NASA,
academia, and industry. NFM’s goals are to identify challenges and to
provide solutions for achieving assurance for mission-critical and
safety-critical systems at NASA and in the aerospace industry. The focus
of the symposium will be on formal techniques and other approaches for
software assurance, their theory, current capabilities and limitations,
as well as their potential application to aerospace, robotics, and other
NASA-relevant safety-critical systems during all stages of the software

*Keynote speakers*

* Michael Wagner, Carnegie Mellon University
* Ben Haldeman, Planet Labs
* Manu Sridharan, Uber Technologies Inc.
* Jason Crusan, NASA Advanced Exploration Systems Division
* Alexandre Arnold, Airbus


The symposium schedule is now available at


NFM 2017 will be held at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA on
May 16 to 18, 2017. There will not be a registration fee charged to
participants. All interested individuals, including non-US citizens, are
welcome to attend, to listen to the talks, and to participate in
discussions; however, all attendees must register via the link below.
Foreign Nationals will need to send extra information and allow at least
three weeks for processing time after all of the information has been

Register here: https://ti.arc.nasa.gov/events/nfm-2017/registration/

Co-located event: AFM Workshop 2017

AFM is a one-day workshop centered around the use and integration of
highly automated formal verification tools for specification,
interactive theorem proving, satisfiability (SAT) and satisfiability
modulo theories (SMT), model checking, program verification, static
analysis, runtime verification, code generation, and testing, as well as
interfaces, documentation, and education. AFM functions both as a user's
meeting for SRI's tools such as PVS, SAL and Yices, and as a workshop
for those interested in state of the art automation for formal methods

Paper deadline: March 27, 2017
Workshop: May 19, 2017
More information: http://fm.csl.sri.com/AFM17/


General Chair
Misty Davis (NASA Ames)

Program Chairs
Clark Barrett (Stanford University)
Temesghen Kahsai (NASA Ames / CMU Silicon Valley)

Local Organization
Guy Katz (Stanford University)
Rody Kersten (CMU Silicon Valley)



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