[ecoop-info] Call for Papers: Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs

Radu Grigore radugrigore at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 13:09:16 CET 2017

Website: http://2017.ecoop.org/track/FTfJP-2017-papers

FTfJP (Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs) is an
established workshop, running annually since 1999. It is
associated with ECOOP, a flagship European conference on
object-oriented programming.

For 2017, contributions are sought in two categories:

  * **Technical Work**. In 6 two-column pages, the paper
    should present a technical contribution. We welcome both
    complete and incomplete results, as long as they are
    substantial enough to stimulate discussion on future
    research directions.

  * **Position Paper**. In 2 two-column pages, the paper
    should advocate a promising research direction. Using
    this format, we encourage established researchers to set
    out their vision, and we also encourage beginning
    researchers to plan their path to a PhD.

Both types of contributions will benefit from feedback
received at the workshop.  Both theory and tools are
welcome.  Topics include but are not limited to

  - semantics
  - types
  - model checking
  - program analysis (static or dynamic)
  - verification (traditional, quantitative, at runtime, ...)
  - language design (for programs or specifications)
  - concurrency
  - security
  - proof engineering
  - pearls (proofs or programs)

Important dates:

  - **20 April 2017:** submission deadline
  - **15 May 2017:** author notification

Submissions will be peer reviewed, and will be evaluated
based on their *clarity* and based on their *potential to
generate interesting discussions*.  The format of the
workshop encourages interaction. FTfJP is a forum in which a
wide range of people share their expertise, from experienced
researchers to beginning PhD students.

Program Committee:

  - Nada Amin, EPFL
  - Alexandre Bartel, University of Luxembourg
  - Sam Blackshear, Facebook
  - Bart Jacobs, KU Leuven
  - Radu Grigore, University of Kent (chair)
  - James Noble, Victoria University of Wellington
  - Jens Palsberg, UCLA
  - Aseem Rastogi, Microsoft Research
  - Bernhard Scholz, University of Sydney
  - Malte Schwerhoff, ETH Zurich

Accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital
Library, if the authors wish so.  The use of [ACM's
template][acm] with the SIGPLAN format is required.  Submit
via [HotCRP][hotcrp].

  [acm]: http://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template
  [hotcrp]: https://ftfjp17.hotcrp.com/

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