[ecoop-info] Australian CORE Crowdsourcing Journal Rankings

James Noble kjx at ecs.vuw.ac.nz
Wed Jan 11 10:20:39 CET 2017

Dear Computer Science Researcher,

You are invited to participate in a crowdsourcing study run by CORE (Australasian COmputing Research and Education association) to collect opinions on the quality of various computer science journals. The intent is to analyse the usefulness of this data as input to a rankings process for adding or modifying rankings of journals in the CORE database (portal.core.edu.au/jnl-ranks). If aggregate opinions are found to be useful,they will be provided to the rankings committee for assessment regarding journal ranking decisions.
To participate in this study you must be an active computer science researcher, and hold a PhD.

Further information, and the entry point to the survey can be found at http://portal.core.edu.au/core-survey.

The success of crowdsourced data collection depends on obtaining large numbers of participants. Please assist by forwarding this invitation to interested colleagues, and relevant national and international lists of CS academics and researchers.

Please do NOT reply to this email. If you wish to discuss this approach, please join the discussion list at http://www.core.edu.au/discussion-forumand use this for any discussion. 


Lin Padgham (CORE President)

Lin Padgham
Professor in Artificial Intelligence
RMIT, Melbourne, VIC
ph. +61 3 9925 3214
Intelligent agents website: https://sites.google.com/site/rmitagents/

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