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The 16th Workshop on Adaptive and Reflective Middleware
Colocated with ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware 2017 Dec 11-15, 2017 in Las Vegas


Important Dates

  * August 19, 2017 - Abstract submission
  * August 26, 2017 - Paper submission
  * October 3, 2017 - Notification of Acceptance
  * October 17, 2017 - Final Version

Description of the Workshop Topics

*ARM aims at providing researchers with a leading edge view on the state 
of the art in reflective and adaptive middleware, and on the challenging 
problems that remain unsolved. *

Adaptation and reflection mechanisms must take into account novel models 
of computation and new classes of applications such as smart and 
connected city applications, industrial networked and cloud 
applications, the Internet of Things, and their combination. Applying 
reflective techniques to open-up the implementation of middleware and 
related software platforms for interoperability, one-to-many deployment, 
and adaptability have proved particularly successful and influential in 
the past. However, there are still open challenges, such as scalability 
and decentralized management as well as resilient real-time operations 
that require further investigation to address new use cases in large 
deployment contexts, especially in diverse domains as transportation and 
smart grids.

This edition follows the path initiated in recent editions, by bringing 
together experts involved in designing and reusing adaptive systems at 
different system layers, including architectural, OS, virtualization 
technology, and network layers, as well as in using techniques that are 
complementary to reflection.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  * Design and performance of adaptive and/or reflective middleware
  * Experiences with adaptive and reflective technologies in specific
    domains (e.g., sensor networks, ubiquitous/pervasive computing,
    mobile computing, smart and connected communities, Internet of
    Things, cloud/grid computing, P2P, Systems-of-Systems);
  * Cross-layer interactions and adaptation mechanisms, including
    network, OS, VM & device level techniques;
  * Adaptation and reflection in the presence of heterogeneous execution
    and programming paradigms;
  * Application of adaptive and reflective middleware techniques to
    achieve: reconfigurability and/or adaptability and/or separation of
    concerns; reuse; and reification of adaptation techniques and
  * Incorporating non-functional properties into middleware, including
    real-time, fault-tolerance, immutability, persistence, security,
    trust, privacy and so on;
  * Fundamental developments in the theory and practice of reflection,
    adaptation and control, as it relates to middleware and its
    interaction with other layers;
  * Techniques to improve performance and/or scalability of adaptive and
    reflective mechanisms;
  * Evaluation methodologies for adaptive and reflective middleware;
    guidelines, testbeds and benchmarks;
  * Approaches to maintain the integrity of adaptive and reflective
    technologies; convergence of adaptation.
  * Tool support for adaptive and reflective middleware;
  * Design and programming abstractions to manage the complexity of
    adaptive and reflective mechanisms;
  * Software engineering methodologies for the design and development of
    adaptive middleware;
  * Methods for reasoning, storing and dynamically updating knowledge
    about the services provided by adaptive/reflective middleware;
  * The role of techniques such as learning in the design of long-lived
    adaptive middleware;
  * Methods for asynchronous, distributed, control,
    coordination/cooperation among components providing middleware services;
  * Metrics on properties such as cost-of-adaptation,
    quality-of-adaptation, consistency-of-adaptation, yields.


Paper Submission

Submission is through easy chair: 

Selected papers from the list of accepted papers will be invited for a 
special issue of Journal of Systems Architecture

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