[ecoop-info] Part-time (50%) faculty position in computer science - Software Languages Lab in Brussels

Coen DE ROOVER Coen.De.Roover at vub.be
Tue Jun 13 12:53:44 CEST 2017

The computer science department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is offering a part-time position as professor to reinforce its software languages and software engineering branch. The position is published under the heading:

WE/2017/001 - Senior Academic Staff - 50% –  Science and Bio-Engineering Sciences - Computer Sciences – Software Language Engineering

on the university's job offers website located at http://vub.talentfinder.be.

The planned starting date for this position is October 1st, 2017. Contract duration is 2 academic years. The deadline for applying is July 24th, 2017. Applications should reach us through the website. The person to contact for further information is:

Viviane Jonckers
Software Languages Lab
email: vejoncke at vub.ac.be
phone: +32 2 629 29 67

** Function **
- Research
The selected candidate has to reinforce the research of the Software Languages Lab (SOFT - http://soft.vub.ac.be) which focusses on ‘software language engineering’. The lab is active in programming language research and software engineering research. 
We are specifically looking for a candidate who can link these two domains, e.g. by designing new language features or language extensions with a specific focus on modern software engineering problems or by studying the software engineering aspects that emerge from new “nearly mainstream” languages such as Scala, Clojure, Julia, etc.
The candidate’s research methodology can be formalism-based, artefact-driven, or experimental. Candidates whose academic track record shows the ability to combine several methodologies are explicitly welcome.

- Teaching
The teaching assignment may include both general courses on bachelor or master level and more specialized courses on MA level. The exact course list will be negotiated with the candidate and will depend on his/her expertise and language skills.

- Other
The selected candidate will by preference endorse the tradition of the Software Language Lab to focus on interpreted languages with dynamic typing, reflection, modern concurrency models, built-in distribution, etc.

The selected candidate will be included into the management structure of the Software Languages Lab and is expected to actively contribute to the operational aspects and to the further development of the lab. This implies the guidance of PhD and master students, but also starting new projects and applying for funding.

** Profile **
- Ph.D. in Science or Engineering in the domain of Computer Science.
- The candidate can present a strong research portfolio that covers the expertise asked in the job description.
- The candidate has experience with guiding PhD and/or master students. He/she has a proven track record or demonstrable potential for launching new research and for seeking the funds to support it.
- The candidate is expected to endorse the educational vision of the university (full text available on the university website).
- Every first appointment is dependent upon the successful delivery of a teaching session.
- Members of academic faculty with teaching duties are required to prove their command of the teaching language. E.g.: for teaching in English the candidate provides evidence of proficiency in English at C1 level by submitting a language certificate (or a waiver).
- Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

** Additional Information **
- The candidate selected for the 50% faculty position must be available at the university for a period corresponding to two and a half days per week. A regular presence is required to allow for sufficient integration with the research activities of the lab.

- The opportunity exists to combine the 50% faculty position with a 50% researcher position on running projects such that the candidate has a full-time position in the Software Languages Lab. Alternatively, the 50% faculty position can be combined with a position at another research lab, as long as a sufficient availability of the candidate for the Software Languages Lab is guaranteed.

- Applications should be submitted through

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