[ecoop-info] Postdoc position at the University of Lisbon (2nd call)

vv@di vv at di.fc.ul.pt
Thu Jun 22 15:39:38 CEST 2017

We welcome applications for a fulltime postdoctoral research position
at the University of Lisbon.

The position is funded by the research project "CONFIDENT -
Communication Contracts for Distributed Systems Development",
http://gloss.di.fc.ul.pt/content/confident, a three year collaborative
project between a team at the Faculty of Sciences (including Vasco T.
Vasconcelos and Antónia Lopes) and another at Tecnico (Paulo Mateus
and Pedro Adao).

The objective of the project is the development of tools and
technology for describing, testing, statically verifying, and
inferring communication contracts for the effective construction and
evolution of complex distributed systems, notably RESTful
applications. Particular attention will be given to the validation of
security requirements of APIs. We plan to integrate the theory of
behavioural type systems into a notion of communication contracts,
effective in driving the software development life cycle of RESTful

We seek applicants with strong interest in some of the following
topics: programming language design and implementation, programming
logics and types, language-based security, verification and testing,
concurrency and distribution.

The contract is for one year, extensible for a second year.
Applicable administrative rules may be found at the FCT site,

Applications should include a curriculum vitae in pdf format, contact
details for three referees, and should be sent to

LaSIGE - Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory
Email: Pedro Gonçalves, pgoncalves at di.fc.ul.pt
Phone: +351 21 750 05 32

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Professor Vasco
T. Vasconcelos directly.

Application deadline: 30th June 2017

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