[ecoop-info] MFPS 33: Deadline Extension

Alexandra Silva alexandra.silva at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 10 20:44:03 CET 2017

    MFPS XXXIII : Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics XXXIII
    New submission deadline -- March 17th AoE
    The 33rd Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS XXXIII)
    will take place on the campus of Ljubljana University, Slovenia, between 12 and
    15 June 2017. MFPS conferences are dedicated to the areas of mathematics, logic, and computer
    science that are related to models of computation in general, and to semantics of programming
    languages in particular. This is a forum where researchers in mathematics and computer science
    can meet and exchange ideas. The participation of researchers in neighbouring areas is strongly
    Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
    bio-computation; concurrent qualitative and quantitative distributed
    systems; process calculi; probabilistic systems; constructive
    mathematics; domain theory and categorical models; formal languages;
    formal methods; game semantics; lambda calculus; programming-language
    theory; quantum computation; security; topological models; logic; type
    systems; type theory. We also welcome contributions that address
    applications of semantics to novel areas such as complex systems,
    markets, and networks, for example.
    Conference home page: http://coalg.org/mfps-calco2017
    *  Rehana Patel, Olin College
    *  Laura Kovacs, TU Wien
    *  Dexter Kozen, Cornell University
    *  Amr Sabry, Indiana University
    *  Laure Daviaud, Warsaw
    - Algebraic automata theory
    *  Nate Foster, Cornell
    - Foundations of Network Programming, special session in honour of Dexter Kozen’s 65th Birthday
    *  Ben Worrell, Oxford
    - Metrics and Privacy (Joint MPFS & CALCO)
    *  Derek Dreyer, MPI-SWS
    - Formal Verification
    ### Important dates:
    * Submission Deadline: March 17 (extended)
    * Notification: April 28
    * Proceedings: May 19
    * Conference: June 12-15
    ### Submitting
    Submissions should be prepared using the [ENTCS
    Macros](http://www.entcs.org/), in the form of a PDF file not
    exceeding 15 pages. Submissions are open on
    [EasyChair] (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=mfps33).
    ### Proceedings
    A preliminary version will be distributed at the meeting. Final
    proceedings will appear in ENTCS after the meeting.
    Gilles Barthe, Madrid, Spain
    Andrej Bauer, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Steve Brookes, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Carla Ferreira, Lisbon, Portugal
    Nate Foster, Ithaca, NY, USA
    Chris Heunen, Edinburgh, UK
    Justin Hsu, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Achim Jung, Birmingham, UK
    Elham Kashefi, Edinburgh, UK
    Clemens Kupke, Glasgow, UK
    Barbara Koenig, Duisburg, Germany
    Catherine Meadows, NRL , USA
    Andrzej Murawski, Warwick, UK,
    Bart Jacobs, Radboud U, Netherlands
    Bob Coecke, Oxford, UK
    Cameron Freer, Cambridge MA, USA
    Catherine Meadows, Washington, DC, USA
    Michael Mislove, New Orleans, LA, USA
    Joel Ouaknine, Saarbrucken, Germany
    Alessandra Palmigiano, Delft, The Netherlands
    Prakash Panangaden, Montreal, Canada
    Daniela Petrisan, Paris, France
    Brigitte Pientka, Montreal, Canada
    Jurriaan Rot, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, London, UK
    Alexandra Silva (Chair), London, UK
    Ana Sokolova, Salzburg, Austria
    Valeria Vignudelli, Bologna, Italy
    * Matja Pretnar
    * Andrej Baue

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