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Table of contents:

* 1 - [FME Events] Call for Papers - GandALF 2017 - International Symposium on
  Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification - Rome - 20-22 September
  2017 - AndreA Orlandini <andrea.orlandini at istc.cnr.it>
* 2 - [FME Events] FM 2018: call for workshop proposals - Maurice ter Beek
  <maurice.terbeek at isti.cnr.it>


Message-ID: <aabaac40-a00b-adf5-2704-4f98366a42c1 at istc.cnr.it>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2017 10:45:56 +0200
From: AndreA Orlandini <andrea.orlandini at istc.cnr.it>
Subject: [FME Events] Call for Papers - GandALF 2017 - International Symposium
 on Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification - Rome - 20-22 September

**** Apologies for multiple postings ****************************************


The Eighth International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal
Verification will be held in Rome (Italy) on 20-21-22 September 2017.

****http://gandalf2017.istc.cnr.it  *****************************************

The aim of GandALF 2017 symposium is to bring together researchers from
academia and industry which are actively working in the fields of Games,
Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification. The idea is to cover an ample
spectrum of themes, ranging from theory to applications, and stimulate cross-

Papers focused on formal methods are especially welcome. Authors are invited
to submit original research or tool papers on all relevant topics in these
areas. Papers discussing new ideas that are at an early stage of development
are also welcome. The topics covered by the conference include, but are not
limited to, the following:
– Automata Theory
– Automated Deduction
– Computational aspects of Game Theory
– Concurrency and Distributed computation
– Decision Procedures
– Deductive, Compositional, and Abstraction Techniques for Verification
– Finite Model Theory
– First-order and Higher-order Logics
– Formal Languages
– Formal Methods for Systems Biology, Hybrid, Embedded, and Mobile Systems
– Games and Automata for Verification
– Game Semantics
– Logical aspects of Computational Complexity
– Logics of Programs
– Modal and Temporal Logics
– Model Checking
– Models of Reactive and Real-Time Systems
– Program Analysis and Software Verification
– Run-time Verification and Testing
– Specification and Verification of Finite and Infinite-state Systems
– Synthesis

– Abstract submission: May 19, 2017
– Paper submission: May 26, 2017
– Notification: July 7, 2017
– Camera-ready: July 31, 2017
- Conference: Sept. 20-22, 2017

The proceedings will be published by Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical
Computer Science. Authors of the best papers will be invited to submit a
revised version of their work to a special issue of a journal (in progress).
The previous editions of GandALF already led to special issues of the
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (GandALF 2010),
Theoretical Computer Science (GandALF 2011 and 2012), Information and
Computation (GandALF 2013, 2014, and 2016, the latter one still in progress),
and Acta Informatica (GandALF 2015).

Submitted papers should not exceed fourteen (14) pages using EPTCS format
(please use the LaTeX style provided athttp://style.eptcs.org), be unpublished
and contain original research. For papers reporting experimental results,
authors are encouraged to make their data available with their submission.
Submissions must be in PDF or PS format and will be handled via the EasyChair
Conference system at the following

- Ranko Lazic, Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick, U.K.
- Michael Wooldridge, Head of Department of Computer Science, University of
Oxford, U.K.

The Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence offers travel grants,
which partially support the registration fees, travel, accommodation
and meal expenses, for the participation of students in GandALF 2017.
The candidates should send the travel grant application to Andrea Orlandini
(by email gandalf.2017 at istc.cnr.it) by 30/07/2017
More info here: http://gandalf2017.istc.cnr.it/aixia-call-for-scholarships/

Patricia Bouyer-Decitre LSV, CNRS & ENS de Cachan, France
Pierluigi San Pietro, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Amedeo Cesta, ISTC-CNR, Italy

Andrea Orlandini, ISTC-CNR, Italy

Parosh A. Abdulla (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Benedikt Bollig (LSV, Cachan, France)
Patricia Bouyer (LSV, Cachan, France)
Tomas Brazdil (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
Marta Cialdea Mayer (University of Roma, Italy)
Thomas Colcombet (IRIF, Paris, France)
Bernd Finkbeiner (Saarland University, Germany)
Hugo Gimbert (LaBRI, Bordeaux, France)
Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen (IST, Vienna, Austria)
Angelo Montanari (University of Udine, Italy)
Andrea Orlandini (CNR Roma, Italy)
Doron Peled (Bar Ilan University, Israel)
R. Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai, India)
Mickael Randour (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)
Matteo Rossi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Pierluigi San Pietro (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Luca Aceto, School of Computer Science, Reykjavik University, Iceland
Javier Esparza, University of Munich, Germany
Salvatore La Torre, University of Salerno, Italy
Angelo Montanari, University of Udine, Italy
Mimmo Parente, University of Salerno, Italy
Wolfgang Thomas, Aachen University, Germany

AndreA Orlandini PhD

  National Research Council of Italy
  Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology
  Phone:  +39-06-44595-223      E-mail:andrea.orlandini at istc.cnr.it
  Fax:    +39-06-44595-243      Url:http://www.istc.cnr.it/group/pst

Me, the one and only person that never leaves me alone!

Message-ID: <4bf2f95c-bdc3-1a80-e5ec-31699c82cfde at isti.cnr.it>
Date: Tue, 02 May 2017 12:04:33 +0200
From: Maurice ter Beek <maurice.terbeek at isti.cnr.it>
Subject: [FME Events] FM 2018: call for workshop proposals


FM 2018: 23^rd International Symposium on Formal Methods

Oxford, 14-16 July, 2018

-------------------:  CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS  :-------------------


Deadline for workshop proposals: June 19, 2017

Notification of decision on workshops: July 31, 2017




The 23rd International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM 2018)

will take place at the University of Oxford, 14-16 July 2018, as part

of the Federated LogicConference (FLoC) 2018. FM 2018 is the

latest in a series of symposia organised by Formal Methods Europe,

an independent association that encourages the use of, and research

on, formal methods for the engineering of computer-based systems

and software. The symposia have been notably successful in bringing

together researchers and industrial users around a programme of

original papers on research and industrial experience, workshops,

tutorials, reports on tools, projects, and ongoing doctoral work.



For this major event, we are now inviting proposals for workshops

that will complement the main FM Symposium. Being part of FLoC

moreover provides an opportunity to link more widely with other

conferences, such as LICS and CAV (see: http://www.floc2018.org/).

The purpose of the FM workshops is to provide an informal setting

for participants to discuss technical issues, exchange research ideas,

and to discuss and/or demonstrate applications. These workshops

may be driven by fundamental academic interests or by needs from

specific application domains. We encourage a diversity of workshops

relating to different varieties of formal methods and applications.

One day FM workshops can be held immediately before the main
symposium, on 13 July 2018, or directly after the symposium, on

17^July 2018. Two day FM workshops will be held directly after the

main symposium, on 17 and 18 July 2018. FM thus supports both

mid and post FLoC proposals.



Researchers and practitioners wishing to organise an FM workshop

are invited to submit proposals for FM workshops in two parts, as

outlined on the general FLoC call for workshops webpage:

Contact the FM Workshops Chairs to discuss prospective workshops:
Helen Treharne (h.treharne at surrey.ac.uk <mailto:npaspallis at uclan.ac.uk>)
Maurice ter Beek (maurice.terbeek at isti.cnr.it
<mailto:maurice.terbeek at isti.cnr.it>).



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