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Call for Participation (apologies for cross-posting)
DEBS 2017:  ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event‐based
Co-Located with PLDI and ECOOP 2017@
Barcelona, Spain (June 19 - 23, 2017)


*** DEBS 2017 Registration is Now Open !!! Please visit
http://www.debs2017.org/registration/ for more
information. ***

*Early Registration deadline: May 26th, 2017*

DEBS 2017 Preliminary Conference Schedule:

*Monday June 19th, 2017*
08:00—09:00:  Registration
09:00—12:30: Workshop on „Events meet Processes”
14:00—17:30: Doctoral Symposium

*Tuesday June 20th, 2017*
08:00—09:00:  Registration
09:00—17:30: Five full day Tutorials

*Wednesday June 21st, 2017*
08:00—09:00     Registration
09:00—09:30     Welcome
09:30—12:30     Research/Industry/Experience/New direction paper sessions
14:00—15:00     Joint Keynote 1: ECOOP and DEBS
15:30—16:30     DEBS 10 years time award
16:30—17:00     Poster & Demos short presentations
17:00—19:30     DEBS and ECOOP joint Poster & Demonstration reception

*Thursday June 22nd, 2017*
08:00—09:00     Registration
09:00—10:00      Keynote 2
10:30—15:10     Research/Industry/New direction paper sessions
15:45—17:30     DEBS Grand Challenge 2017
17:30—18:30     DEBS Business Meeting
18:30—20:00     Social Event
20:00                 Banquet

*Friday June 23rd, 2017*
08:00—09:00     Registration
09:00—10:00     Keynote 3
10:30—15:15     Research/Industry/Experience/New direction paper sessions
15:50 Closing

*Keynote Speakers (More details will follow):*

1.     Wolfram Schulte (Microsoft Research)   

2.     Rick Hull (IBM Research)            

*3.   *Sergi Zapater (Zhilabs)*     *


*Research papers:       *


1.     Ruben Mayer, Muhammad Adnan Tariq and Kurt Rothermel. *Minimizing
Communication Overhead in Window-Based Parallel Complex Event Processing*

2.     Pooya Salehi, Kaiwen Zhang and Hans-Arno Jacobsen. *PopSub:
Improving Resource Utilization in Distributed Content-based
Publish/Subscribe Systems*

3.     Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher and Karine Zeitouni. *Automatic
Learning of Predictive CEP Rules: Bridging the Gap between Data Mining
and Complex Event Processing*

4.     Arnon Lazerson, Moshe Gabel, Daniel Keren and Assaf Schuster.
*One for All and All for One: Simultaneous Approximation of Multiple
Functions over Distributed Streams*

*5.     *Fabrice Starks, Thomas Plagemann and Stein Kristiansen.
*DCEP-Sim: An Open Simulation Framework for Distributed CEP*

*6.     *Elias Alevizos, Alexander Artikis and Georgios Paliouras.
*Event Forecasting with Pattern Markov Chains*

*7.     *Nikos Zacheilas, Vana Kalogeraki, Vincenzo Gulisano, Yiannis
Nikolakopoulos, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas*.
Maximizing Determinism in Stream Processing Under Latency Constraints*

8.     Vincenzo Gulisano, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Yiannis
Nikolakopoulos, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas.
*Performance Modeling of Stream Joins*

9.     Sukanya Bhowmik, Muhammad Adnan Tariq, Alexander Balogh and Kurt
Rothermel. *Addressing TCAM Limitations of Software-Defined Networks for
Content-Based Routing*

*10.  *Kanat Tangwongsan, Martin Hirzel and Scott Schneider.
*Low-Latency Sliding-Window Aggregation in Worst-Case Constant Time*

11.  Aurélien Havet, Rafael Pires, Pascal Felber, Marcelo Pasin, Romain
Rouvoy and Valerio Schiavoni*. SecureStreams: Reactive Middleware for
Secure Data Stream Processing*

12.  Lorenzo Affetti, Alessandro Margara and Gianpaolo Cugola.*FlowDB:
Integrating Stream Processing and Consistent State Management*

*Industry Papers:         *


1.     Alexander Artikis, Nikos Katzouris, Ivo Correia, Chris Baber,
Natan Morar, Inna Skarbovsky, Fabiana Fournier and Georgios Paliouras.
*A Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management*

2.     Philippe Dobbelaere and Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili. *Kafka versus
RabbitMQ: A Comparative Study of Two Industry-reference
Publish/Subscribe Implementations*

3.     Daniel Ritter, Jonas Dann, Norman May and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma.
*Hardware Accelerated Application Integration Processing*

*New research direction papers:       *


1.     Suad Sejdovic, Sven Euting, Dominik Riemer and York Sure-Vetter.
*Considering Human Factors in the Development of Situation-Aware CEP

2.     Aleksandar Antonic, Martina Marjanovic and Ivana Podnar Zarko.
*Modeling Aggregate Input Load of Interoperable Smart City Services*

3.     Piyush Yadav, Umair Ulhassan, Souleiman Hasan and Edward Curry.
*The Event Crowd: A novel approach for crowd-enabled event processing*


*Experience Papers:    *


1.     Shima Zahmatkesh, Emanuele Della Valle and Daniele Dell'Aglio.
*Using Rank Aggregation in Continuously Answering SPARQL Queries on
Streaming and Quasi-static Linked Data*

2.     Benjamin Erb, Dominik Meißner, Jakob Pietron and Frank Kargl.
*Chronograph – A Distributed Processing Platform for Online and Batch
Computations on Event-sourced Graphs*

3.     Jürgen Thanhofer-Pilisch, Rick Rabiser, Thomas Krismayer, Michael
Vierhauser, Paul Grünbacher, Stefan Wallner, Klaus Seyerlehner and
Helmut Zeisel. *An Event-based Capture-and-Compare Approach to Support
the Evolution of Systems of Systems*

4.     Kyoungho An, Shweta Khare and Aniruddha Gokhale. *An Autonomous
and Dynamic Coordination and Discovery Service for Wide-Area
Peer-to-peer Publish/Subscribe*


*Grand Challenge Papers:*     


1.     Nicolo Rivetti, Yann Busnel and Avigdor Gal. Grand Challenge:
*Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing Equipment with Apache Flink*

2.     Malith Jayasinghe, Miyuru Dayarathna, Nihla Akram, Sachini
Siriwardene, Srinath Perera, Isuru Perera, Seshika Fernando,
Sriskandarajah Suhothayan and Upul Bandara. *Grand challenge: Anomaly
Detection of Manufacturing Equipment via High Performance RDF Data
Stream Processing*

3.     Ciprian Amariei, Paul Diac and Emanuel Onica. Grand
Challenge:*Optimized Stage Processing for Anomaly Detection on Numerical
Data Streams*


*Poster and Demo Papers:     *


1.     Stefan Gries, Marc Hesenius and Volker Gruhn. *Cascading Data
Corruption: About Dependencies in Cyber-Physical Systems*

2.     Prithviraj Patil, Akram Hakiri and Aniruddha
Gokhale. *Software-defined Adaptive Resource Management for Cloud-hosted
Group Communication Applications*

3.     Julius Ollesch, Marc Hesenius, Volker Gruhn and Cyril Alias. *The
Requirements Engineering Perspective on Events in Cyber-Physical Systems*

4.     Lukas Probst, Frederik Brix, Heiko Schuldt and Martin
Rumo. *Real-Time Football Analysis with StreamTeam*

5.     Benjamin Steer, Felix Cuadrado and Richard Clegg. *Raphtory:
Decentralised Streaming for Temporal Graphs*

6.     Young Yoon, Yongjun Choi and Suchul Shin. *Multilateral Context
Analysis based on the Novel Visualization of Network Tomography*

7.     Wolfgang Van Raemdonck, Tom Van Cutsem, Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili,
Mauricio Cortes, Philippe Dobbelaere, Lode Hoste, Eline Philips, Marc
Roelands and Lieven Trappeniers. *Building Connected Car Applications on
Top of the World-Wide Streams Platform*

8.     Miyuru Dayarathna, Prabhash Akmeemana and Srinath Perera. *Demo:
Solution Recommender for System Failure Recovery via Log Event Pattern
Matching on a Knowledge Graph*

9.     Miyuru Dayarathna, Minudika Malshan and Srinath Perera. *Demo:
Scalable Complex Event Processing on a Notebook*

10.  Avigdor Gal, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Vana Kalogeraki, Ioannis Katakis,
Nikolaos Panagiotou, Nicolo Rivetti and Arik Senderovich. *REMI,
Reusable Elements for Multi-Level Information Availability*

11.  Asra Aslam, Souleiman Hasan and Edward Curry.* Poster: Challenges
with Image Event Processing*

12.  Ivo Correia, Alexander Artikis, Nikos Katzouris, Chris Baber, Natan
Morar, Inna Skarbovsky, Fabiana Fournier and Georgios
Paliouras. *Demonstration of a Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management*

If you have any questions please contact:

*General Chair:*    Marta Patiño, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,
*mpatino at fi.upm.es**

*PC Chairs:*    Boris Koldehofe, TU Darmstadt,
*boris.koldehofe at kom.tu-darmstadt.de* and Mani Chandy, Caltech,
*kmchandy at gmail.com*

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