[ecoop-info] APLAS 2017: Call for Participation

Xinyu Feng xinyu.feng at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 09:33:41 CEST 2017

15th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS 2017)
November 27-29, 2017, Suzhou, China

** Early registration deadline is extended to Oct. 10, 2017, due to the
public holiday in China from Oct. 1 to 8.  **

## Registration
 - 10 October 2017 (Early Deadline)
 - Register: https://www-aplas.github.io/registration.html

## Invited Speakers:
- Gilles Barthe, IMDEA
Title of talk: Relational Verification of Higher-Order Probabilistic

- Ron Garcia, UBC
Title of talk: Gradual Enforcement of Program Invariants

- Sumit Gulwani, Microsoft Research
Title of talk: Programming by Examples: PL meets ML

- Naijun Zhan, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Title of talk: Synthesizing SystemC Code from Delay Hybrid CSP

## Accepted papers:
- Tobias Nipkow. Verified Root-Balanced Trees

- Daisuke Kimura and Makoto Tatsuta. Decision Procedure for Entailment of
Symbolic Heaps with Arrays

- Ian J. Hayes, Xi Wu and Larissa Meinicke. Capabilities for Java: Secure
Access to Resources

- Yoonseok Ko, Xavier Rival and Sukyoung Ryu. Weakly Sensitive Analysis for
Unbounded Iteration over JavaScript Objects

- Qinxiang Cao, Santiago Cuellar and Andrew Appel. Putting order to the
separation logic jungle

- Oleg Kiselyov and Tatsuya Katsushima. Sound and Efficient
Language-Integrated Query: Maintaining the ORDER

- Neline van Ginkel, Raoul Strackx and Frank Piessens. Automatically
generating secure wrappers for SGX enclaves from separation logic

- Bob Reynders and Dominique Devriese. Efficient Functional Reactive
Programming through Incremental Behaviors

- Adrien Pommellet and Tayssir Touili. Static Analysis of Multithreaded
Recursive Programs Communicating via Rendez-vous

- Ximeng Li, Heiko Mantel and Markus Tasch. Taming Message-passing
Communication in Compositional Reasoning about Confidentiality

- Cristina Matache, Victor B. F. Gomes and Dominic Mulligan. Programming
and proving with classical types

- Jieung Kim, Vilhelm Sjöberg, Zhong Shao and Ronghui Gu. Safety and
Liveness of MCS Lock—Layer by Layer

- Shaobo He and Zvonimir Rakamaric. Counterexample-Guided Bit-Precision

- Niccolò Veltri and Tarmo Uustalu. Partiality and container monads

- Alejandro Díaz-Caro. A lambda calculus for density matrices wth classical
and probabilistic controls

- Martin Sulzmann and Peter Thiemann. A Computational Interpretation of
Context-Free Expressions

- Daan Leijen. Implementing Algebraic Effects in C (or “Monads for Free in

- Yongzhe Zhang, Hsiang-Shang Ko and Zhenjiang Hu. Palgol: A High-Level DSL
for Vertex-Centric Graph Processing with Remote Data Access

- Takamasa Okudono, Yuki Nishida, Kensuke Kojima, Kohei Suenaga, Kengo Kido
and Ichiro Hasuo. Sharper and Simpler Nonlinear Interpolants for Program

- Hirofumi Nakamura, Kensuke Kojima, Kohei Suenaga and Atsushi Igarashi. A
Nonstandard Functional Programming Language

- Beniamino Accattoli and Bruno Barras. The Negligible and Yet Subtle Cost
of Pattern Matching

- Manjeet Dahiya and Sorav Bansal. Black-box equivalence checking across
compiler optimizations

- Aziem Chawdhary and Andy King. Compact Difference Bound Matrices

- Serdar Erbatur, Martin Hofmann and Eugen Zalinescu. Enforcing Programming
Guidelines with Region~Types and Effects

## Other events

### Posters and SRC

### APLAS NIER workshop

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