[ecoop-info] S-REPLS 8: Call for talks

Laurence Tratt laurie at tratt.net
Mon Oct 30 11:47:15 CET 2017

                            S-REPLS 8 (#srepls8)
       South of England Regional Programming Language Seminar series

                       Fri Jan 5th 2018 10:00 - 18:00

               King's College London, Bush House, BH (S) 4.04

                               Call for talks


S-REPLS is a regular and informal meeting for those based in the South of
England with a professional interest - whether it be academic or commercial - in
the semantics, implementation, and use of programming languages. Attendance is
free and lunch and refreshments will be provided at S-REPLS 8.

  Submitting a talk

S-REPLS talks are typically 20-30 minutes long on any topic related to
programming languages.

We are currently requesting talk suggestions for S-REPLS 8 at King's College
London. Submissions from industrial professionals and junior researchers
(postdocs and students), as well as descriptions of work in progress, are
especially welcome.

Please email info at soft-dev.org with the title "S-REPLS 8 talk suggestion", a
draft title, and an abstract by 17:00 on Nov 6th 2017.


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