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Journal of Software Evolution and Process
Special Issue on:
  “DevOps Quality Engineering”



DevOps is recently emerging as a disruptive series of principles and 
practices that reduce the amount of time between software refactoring 
and operationally deploying changes. DevOps principles and tools also 
primarily aim at strengthening the collaboration and organisational 
processes between software development and operations engineers in the 
process of speedily making a design refactoring actionable in operations 
as well. On one hand, the goal of this tighter collaboration is to 
deliver the software product faster to its production environment, by 
whatever means, procedures, or tools. On the other hand, establishing 
and certifying the quality of outcoming software and processes is 
strained by the “need for speed”.

For example, one of the pillars of DevOps approaches for building 
software fast is the utilisation of automations along its creation 
toolchain, passing through testing, packaging, release, deployment, 
monitoring, and runtime management. The achievement of these automations 
is assisted by techniques for software continuous integration, 
continuous delivery, infrastructure-as-code, and more. However, the 
quality assessment of both software product and development process, 
which in traditional software lifecycles are relatively mature fields, 
in DevOps contexts suffers from the presence of automated steps that 
cannot be easily analyzed with conventional means. Hence, DevOps quality 
assurance techniques are far from being mature, and are often limited to 
expensive trial-and-error exercises.

In terms of impact of both DevOps as a whole and DevOps quality 
engineering in the specific, DevOps practitioners and academicians 
envision that the DevOps culture is drastically changing the technical, 
processes, and educational procedures and patterns in Software 
Engineering to accomodate for the radical shift that the family of 
methodologies and tools entail. For example, Gartner estimates that 
DevOps processes will drive over 80% of the industrial-strength tech on 
the market.

we seek novel contributions on any quality aspects, quality evaluations, 
fallacies, or pitfalls arising or playing a role in the context of 
DevOps Processes and organisational structures. Suggested topics of 
interest for these papers include, but are not limited to:

- Methods and models for software quality assessment in DevOps
- Techniques for software quality improvement in DevOps
- Tools for quality assessment and/or improvement during DevOps developments
- Experiences on the impact of software quality engineering in DevOps
- Experiences on the impact of DevOps practices in consolidated Quality 
engineering processes.
- Emergent Quality Properties of DevOps Architectures
- Analysing, Testing, or otherwise assessing the Quality of DevOps Processes
- DevOps Tools, that is, tools or technical approaches that fit in the 
DevOps paradigm
- Qualities of skills and human aspects of DevOps engineers;
- Quality and Quality assessment of DevOps processes;
- Quality of Education of DevOps engineers;
- Continuous Aspects of Quality Assurance;
- Qualities changed or introduced by DevOps practices, e.g., quality of 
Infrastructures and quality of Infrastructure-as-Code;
- Quality of DevOps Architectural Styles, e.g., Microservices Quality;

Submission Deadline: 28th JANUARY 2019
Initial Notification: APRIL 2019
Final Notification:  JULY 2019

Dr. Diego Perez (diego.perez at lnu.se) - Linnaeus University
Dr. Damian A. Tamburri (d.a.tamburri at tue.nl) - Technical Univ. Eindhoven 
- Jheronimus Academy of Data Science

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