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        *** CALL FOR PAPERS ***
                ICSA 2020
   IEEE International Conference on 
          Software Architecture
            March 16-20, 2020
             Salvador, BA - Brazil

*Call for Papers*


ICSA cordially invites original contributions related to all aspects of
software architecure.
Submissions can be made in the following categories:

* TECHNICAL TRACK (double-blind review process!)
  ** Full Papers   : max. 10 Pages IEEE Double-Column
  ** Abstracts due : Dec 11, 2019
  ** Papers due    : Dec 18, 2019
  ** Topics:
    Architecture & CI/CD, DevOps, Containerization
    Serverless platforms
    Microservices and event-driven architectures
    Model driven engineering for continuous architecting
    Up-front architecture and agile development
    Architecting Systems of Systems, IoT systems, CPSs, software ecosystems,
self-adaptive systems, or autonomous systems
    Component-based software engineering
    Architecture evaluation and quality aspects of software architectures
    Automatic extraction and generation of software architecture
    Refactoring and evolving architecture design decisions and solutions
    Architecture frameworks and architecture description languages
    Linking architecture to requirements and/or implementation
    Architecture conformance
    Reusable architectural solutions
    Software architecture knowledge management
    Software architecture for legacy systems and systems integration
    Architecting families of products
    Cultural, economic, business and managerial aspects of software
    Software architects roles and responsibilities
    Training, education, and certification of software architects
    State-of-the-art and state-of-practice in software architecture
    Industrial experiments and case studies

  ** SAIP papers     : 4-8 pages
  ** Technical Talks : 2 pages
  ** Abstracts due   : Jan  8, 2020
  ** Papers due      : Jan 13, 2020
  ** Topics:
    Event-driven architectures and reactive systems
    Microservice architectures
    Serverless architectures and Function as a Service (FaaS)
    Design consideration for containerization and container orchestration
    Design of Internet of Things solutions and mobile apps
    Architecture of solutions involving data-analytics and artificial
    Design considerations for DevOps and deployability practices
    The architecture practice in fast-moving, agile environments, with
independent self-organizing teams
    Addressing quality attribute requirements, such as performance,
availability, usability, security, and interoperability
    Technical debt management
    Software architecture design, evaluation, documentation, conformance,
and reconstruction

  ** max. 4 pages ACM style
  ** Abstracts due   : Jan  8, 2020
  ** Papers due      : Jan 13, 2020
  ** Types
     Tools used in practice, either from commercial vendors, industry or
open source projects
     Research tools from academic or industrial research environments
     Demonstrations of consolidated applications in software architecture

  ** Abstracts due   : Jan  8, 2020
  ** Papers due      : Jan 13, 2020
     The goal of the New and Emerging Ideas (NEMI) track at ICSA 2020 is to
encourage the software architecture community to propose
     new software architecture research visions and ideas, which can
potentially challenge the status quo of the software architecture
     discipline (research and practice) and point to new directions and

  ** Ongoing Research papers : 4-6 pages
     *** Abstracts due       : Jan  1, 2020
     *** Papers due          : Jan  8, 2020
     *** two rounds of feedback to improve your work! ***
  ** Research Abstracts / Emerging Ideas : 2 pages
     *** Papers due                      : Jan  13, 2020

  ** max. 2-4 Pages
  ** Proposals due : Jan 27, 2020

  ** Workshops:
  *** 6th International Workshop on Automotive System/Software Architectures
(WASA 2020)
  *** Joint 8th International Workshop on Software Engineering for
Systems-of-Systems and 14th Workshop on Distributed Software Development,
Software Ecosystems and Systems-of-Systems (SESoS/WDES 2020)
  *** 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Healthcare (SEH
  *** Workshop on Blockchain-based Architectures (BlockArch 2020)
  *** Workshop on Technical Debt in Data Analytics Software Systems (TD4DASS

*** Stay Tuned for Workshop Calls for Papers ***

Mind the Formatting and Submission Instructions here:

*Organizing Committee*
General Chair                  : Eduardo Almeida, Federal University of
Bahia, Brazil
Program Co-Chairs              : Sam Malek, University of California, Irvine
                               : Alessandro Garcia, PUC-Rio, Brazil
                               : Paulo Merson, Brazilian Federal Court of
Accounts (TCU)
New & Emerging Ideas           : Nelly Bencomo, Aston University, UK
                               : Thais Batista, Federal University of Rio
Grande do Norte, Brazil Early Career Researchers Forum : Joshua Garcia,
University of California, Irvine
                               : Neil Ernst, University of Victoria, Canada
Tutorial Chair                 : Henry Muccini, University of L'Aquila,
Workshop Co-Chairs             : Ali Babar, University of Adelaide,
                               : Elisa Nakagawa, University of Sao Paulo,
SW Architecture in Practice    : Matthias Naab, Fraunhofer Institute for
Experimental Software Engineering, Germany
Tool Demonstrations Chair      : Danny Weyns, Katholieke Universiteit
Leuven, Belgium

*Follow us on Social Media*
Twitter      : https://twitter.com/ICSAconf 
Facebook     : https://www.facebook.com/ICSAconf 

Use the Hashtag #ICSA2020

For updated and detailed information about ICSA 2020, please visit

Please excuse multiple postings.


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Asst. Professor for Software Engineering

Department of Computer Science
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State University of New York at Oswego
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Oswego, NY, 13126, USA
T +1 (315) 312-6605
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