[ecoop-info] CfP - Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2020, Brussels, Belgium

Dirk Craeynest Dirk.Craeynest at cs.kuleuven.be
Sat Oct 26 08:45:13 CEST 2019


                         Call for Presentations

                 10th Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2020

              Saturday 1 February 2020, Brussels, Belgium


                Organized in cooperation with Ada-Europe


Ada-Belgium [1] is pleased to announce there will be a one-day Ada
Developer Room on Saturday 1 February 2020 at FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels,
Belgium.  Our 10th Ada DevRoom is once more organized in cooperation
with Ada-Europe [2].

General Information
FOSDEM [3], the Free and Open source Software Developers' European
Meeting, is a free and non-commercial two-day weekend event organized
early each year in Brussels, Belgium.  It is highly developer-oriented
and brings together 8000+ participants from all over the world.
No registration is necessary.

The goal is to provide open source developers and communities a
place to meet with other developers and projects, to be informed
about the latest developments in the open source world, to attend
interesting talks and presentations on various topics by open source
project leaders and committers, and to promote the development and
the benefits of open source solutions.

Ada Programming Language and Technology
Awareness of safety and security issues in software systems is
ever increasing.  Multi-core platforms are now abundant.  These are
some of the reasons that the Ada programming language and technology
attracts more and more attention, among others due to Ada's support for
programming by contract and for multi-core targets.  The latest Ada
language definition was updated early 2016.  Work on new features is
ongoing, such as improved support for fine-grained parallelism, and
will result in a new Ada standard scheduled for 2021.  Ada-related
technology such as SPARK provides a solution for the safety and
security aspects stated above.

More and more tools are available, many are open source, including for
small and recent platforms.  Interest in Ada keeps further increasing,
also in the open source community, and many exciting projects have
been started.

Ada Developer Room
FOSDEM is an ideal fit for an Ada Developer Room.  On the one hand,
it gives the general open source community an opportunity to see what
is happening in the Ada community and how Ada technology can help to
produce reliable and efficient open source software.  On the other
hand, it gives open source Ada projects an opportunity to present
themselves, get feedback and ideas, and attract participants to their
project and collaboration between projects.

At previous FOSDEM events, the Ada-Belgium non-profit organization
organized successful Ada Developer Rooms, offering a full day program
in 2006 [4], a two-day program in 2009 [5], and full day programs
in 2012-2016 [6-10], and in 2018-2019 [12].  An important goal is to
present exciting Ada technology and projects also to people outside
the traditional Ada community.

Our proposal for another dedicated Ada DevRoom was accepted, and now
work continues to prepare the detailed program.  We most probably
will have a total of 8.5 schedulable hours between 10:30 and 19:00
in one of the rooms which accommodate from 59 to 85 participants.
More information will be posted on the dedicated web-page on the
Ada-Belgium site [13], and final announcements will of course also
be sent to various forums, lists and newsgroups.

Call for Presentations
We would like to schedule technical presentations, tutorials, demos,
live performances, project status reports, discussions, etc, in the
Ada Developer Room.

Ada-Belgium calls on you to:
- inform us at ada-belgium-board at cs.kuleuven.be about specific
  presentations you would like to hear in this Ada DevRoom;
- for bonus points, subscribe to the Ada-FOSDEM mailing list [14]
  to discuss and help organize the details;
- for more bonus points, be a speaker: the Ada-FOSDEM mailing list
  is the place to be!

Do you have a talk you want to give?
Do you have a project you would like to present?
Would you like to get more people involved with your project?

We're inviting proposals that are related to Ada software
development, and include a technical oriented discussion.
You're not limited to slide presentations, of course.
Be creative.  Propose something fun to share with people
so they might feel some of your enthusiasm for Ada!

Speaking slots are 15 or 45 minutes, plus 5 minutes for Q&A.  Depending
on interest, we might also have a session with lightning presentations
(e.g. 5 minutes each), and/or an informal discussion session.

Note that all talks will be streamed live (audio+video) and recorded,
for remote as well as later viewing of talks, and so that people can
watch streams in the hallways when rooms are full.  By submitting
a proposal, you agree to being recorded and streamed, and agree the
content of your talk will be published under the same license as all
FOSDEM content, a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.

Submission Guidelines
Subscribe to the Ada-FOSDEM mailing list [14], and submit
your proposal there.  If needed, feel free to contact us at
ada-belgium-board at cs.kuleuven.be.

Please include:
- your name, affiliation, contact info;
- the title of your talk (be descriptive and creative);
- a short descriptive and attractive abstract;
- potentially pointers to more information;
- a short bio and photo.

See programs of previous Ada DevRooms (URLs below) for presentation
examples, as well as for the kind of info we need.

We'd like to put together a draft schedule by end of November.  So,
please act ASAP, the sooner the better, but definitely by November 25,
2019 at the latest.

We look forward to lots of feedback and proposals!

Dirk Craeynest
Dirk.Craeynest at cs.kuleuven.be (for Ada-Belgium/Ada-Europe/SIGAda/WG9)


[1] http://www.cs.kuleuven.be/~dirk/ada-belgium
[2] http://www.ada-europe.org
[3] https://fosdem.org
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