[ecoop-info] PhD and postdoc positions at Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

Bertrand Meyer SIT BM at sit.org
Mon Sep 2 08:14:24 CEST 2019

The Chair of Software and Security (Prof. Bertrand Meyer) at the newly created Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (http://sit.org) has open positions for both PhD students and postdocs. We are looking for candidates with a passion for reliable software and a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in software engineering. Candidates should have degrees in computer science or related fields: a doctorate for postdoc positions, a master’s degree for PhD positions. Postdoc candidates should have a substantial publication record. Experience in one or more of the following fields is a plus:

  *   Software verification (axiomatic, model-checking, abstract interpretation etc.).
  *   Advanced techniques of software testing.
  *   Formal methods, semantics of programming languages, type theory.
  *   Design by Contract, Eiffel, techniques of correctness-by-construction.
  *   Cybersecurity.

Compensation at both levels is attractive. Note that the PhD program is conducted in cooperation with partner universities.

Interested candidates should send a CV and relevant documents or links to bm at sit.org<mailto:xxx at sit.org>. They are also welcome to contact Prof. Bertrand Meyer for details.

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