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Carolin Brandt C.E.Brandt at tudelft.nl
Mon Aug 30 14:30:54 CEST 2021

VISSOFT 2021 ---- Sep 27-28, 2021, Virtual, co-located with ICSME 2021 --- https://vissoft.info/2021/

Registration link: https://icsme2021.github.io/Registration.html

**** Early registration rate until September 4, 2021 ****


VISSOFT 2021 is the 9th IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization, virtually co-located with ICSME 2021 (https://icsme2021.github.io/index.html)

The VISSOFT conference is principally a venue for publishing and discussing research related to software visualization. VISSOFT brings together a community of researchers from software engineering, information visualization, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and data science to discuss theoretical foundations, algorithms, techniques, tools, and applications related to software visualization.

On September 27th and 28th we will discuss a range of excellent papers. Accepted were 9 Technical papers, 12 New Ideas and Emerging Results / Tool Demo papers and two Journal-First presentations.
You can find a full list of the accepted papers below!

The keynote will be delivered by Michele Lanza from the Università della Svizzera italiana.
Daniel Weiskopf from the University of Stuttgart will be our capstone speaker.

The program is available at: https://vissoft.info/2021/program.html

Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date: https://twitter.com/IEEEVISSOFT


Accepted Papers:

---- Technical Papers ----

1 A Scalable Log Differencing Visualisation Applied to COBOL Refactoring
Céline Deknop, Kim Mens, Alexandre Bergel, Johan Fabry and Vadim Zaytsev

2 CodeCity: On-Screen or in Virtual Reality?
David Moreno-Lumbreras, Roberto Minelli, Andrea Villaverde, Michele Lanza and Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona

3 CodingTM: Development Task Visualization for SW Code Comprehension
Taeyoung Kim, Suntae Kim and Duksan Ryu

4 Continuous Rationale Visualization
Anja Kleebaum, Barbara Paech, Jan Ole Johanssen and Bernd Bruegge

5 Global Overviews of Granular Test Coverage with Matrix Visualizations
Kaj Dreef, Vijay Krishna Palepu and James Jones

6 Trace Visualization within the Software City Metaphor: A Controlled Experiment on Program Comprehension
Veronika Dashuber and Michael Philippsen

7 TransVis: Using Visualizations and Chatbots for Supporting Transient Behavior in Microservice Systems
Samuel Beck, Sebastian Frank, Mir Alireza Hakamian, Leonel Merino and André van Hoorn

8 Visualization of Object-Oriented Variability Implementations as Cities
Johann Mortara, Philippe Collet and Anne-Marie Déry

9 Visualizing Metric Trends for Software Portfolio Quality Management
Patric Genfer, Johann Grabner, Christina Zoffi, Mario Bernhart and Thomas Grechenig

---- NIER/TD Papers ----

1 Analyzing and Visualizing Projects and their Relations in Software Ecosystems
Van Tuan Tran, Cheng Cheng, Fabio Petrillo and Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc

2 Augmenting Code Review Experience Through Visualization
Faruk Balcı, Dilruba Sultan Haliloğlu, Onur Şahin, Cankat Tilki, Mehmet Ata Yurtsever and Eray Tüzün

3 CHANGEVIZ: Enhancing the GitHub Interface with Method Calls Information
Lorenzo Gasparini, Enrico Fregnan, Larissa Braz, Tobias Baum and Alberto Bacchelli

4 Codoc: Code-driven Architectural View Specification Framework for Python
Casper Weiss Bang and Mircea Lungu

5 Live Visualization of Dynamic Software Cities with Heat Map Overlays
Alexander Krause, Malte Hansen and Wilhelm Hasselbring

6 React-bratus: Visualising React.js Component Hierarchies
Mircea Lungu and Stephan Boersma

7 Towards a JSON-based Algorithm Animation Language
Artturi Tilanterä, Giacomo Mariani, Ari Korhonen and Otto Seppälä

8 Visualizing Data in Software Cities
Susanna Ardigò, Csaba Nagy, Roberto Minelli and Michele Lanza

9 Visualizing Discord Servers
Marco Raglianti, Roberto Minelli, Csaba Nagy and Michele Lanza

10 Visualizing GitHub Issues
Aron Fiechter, Roberto Minelli, Csaba Nagy and Michele Lanza

11 Visually Analyzing the Code Quality of Component-based Web Applications
Hagen Tarner, Daniel van den Bongard and Fabian Beck

12 Voronoi Evolving Treemaps
Davide Paolo Tua, Roberto Minelli and Michele Lanza

---- Journal First Papers ----

1 Visual Augmentation of Source Code Editors: A Systematic Mapping Study
Matúš Sulír, Michaela Bačíková, Sergej Chodarev and Jaroslav Porubän

2 An Architecture-Tracking Approach to Evaluate a Modular and Extensible Flight Software for CubeSat Nanosatellites
Carlos Gonzalez, Camilo Rojas, Alexandre Bergel and Marcos Diaz

Carolin Brandt

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