[ecoop-info] ICGSE 2022 Call for Papers (In association with ICSSP 2022)

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Thu Dec 16 20:32:27 CET 2021

17th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering
In association with 16th International Conference on Software and System
Processes (ICSSP)
May 20-22, 2022
Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU SEI),
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Conference Overview
After the success of 2020 and 2021 success, in 2022 the International
Conference on Software and Systems Process (ICSSP) will once again join
forces with the International Conference on Global Software Engineering
Both conferences bring together researchers and practitioners to share
their research findings, experiences, and new ideas on diverse themes
related to software and systems processes and global software engineering.
For 2022, the theme of the joint conference is: "Envisioning the Future of
Software Engineering Process & Practice for Global Competitiveness and
Innovation."" Our goal is to advance both the state of the research and the
state of the practice by applying innovative ideas from different research
fields to the future of the software engineering process and globally
distributed software development.

Research Track
* Abstract Submission: January 17, 2021
* Paper Submission: January 24, 2021
* Notification: March 4, 2022
* Camera Ready: Mar 25, 2022

Experience Reports
* Submission: January 14, 2022
* Conditional Acceptance Notification (Start of Shepherding): January 21,
* Go/No-Go based on Shepherding Judgement: February 18, 2022
* Camera Ready: March 25, 2022

Industry Talks
* Abstract and Slide Package Submission: January 14, 2022
* Notification: February 18, 2022

Submissions are invited for unpublished, original work, in the following
* Research papers – full papers (10 pages) and short papers (5 pages),
including those dedicated to training and education.
* Experience reports (Industry Track): 5 pages (you will then be shepherded
as you write your report)
* Talk Proposals (Industry Track): submit an abstract of a maximum of 300
words using a template of your choice and the slide deck you plan to

Papers must be submitted electronically through EasyChair, in PDF,
following the ACM conference (2-column) format.
For more information visit:


* Future and Innovation related to Software Process and Collaboration
    - Process for Embedded and IoT Systems
    - ALM/PLM for distributed teams
    - Software Processes for Augmented, virtual, and extended reality
    - Use of AR/VR/XR in Distributed Settings
    - Software Process for low-code development practices
    - Quantum programming and software engineering
    - Software process for Blockchain
    - Blockchain to improve/enhance Global Software Development
    - Software Developer's Experience (DX)
    - Software Developers' Relationship (DevRel)
    -  Process and Infrastructure for Software Applications in Scientific

* Work from Anywhere (WFX)
    - Emerging processes supporting remote work
    - Infrastructure for WFX
    - Hiring and Economics of WFX
    - Team building in WFX
    - Competitiveness and Innovation in WFX settings

* Methods, and processes
    - DevOps
    - Software Delivery Performance
    - Chatbots and Continuous Integration
    - Agile methods in co-located and distributed companies, projects, and
    - Lean development
    - Hybrid processes
    - Pair programming and mob programming
    - Open source software development
    - AI for supporting software and systems processes
    - Processes for developing AI-based systems
    - Software representation and design (architectures, components, and
    - Empirical studies and experiences

* Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in Software Process
and Development
    - Engineering societal-scale software systems
    - Fairness in software process
    - Processes to assure Equity in Software Development
    - Ethics in the Software Development Process
    - Ethical behavior in Global and Distributed Settings

* Human Aspects of Distributed Software Development and Processes
    - Human-centered and participatory processes
    - Team building
    - Turnover and retention
    - Trust and social relationships
    - Newcomers' onboarding and socialization

* Business Strategy
    - Hiring in global settings
    - Startup and entrepreneurship in software process and distributed
    - Processes and practices for cross-company collaboration
    - Supplier management in global settings
    - Economics of Distributed Software Development

* Education and Training
    - Software process management (SPM) education
    - Global and Distributed SE curricula
    - Lessons learned on SPM or GSE courses

* General Chair: Anita D. Carleton (SEI, USA)
* Program Co-chairs:
Regina Hebig (Chalmers University, Sweden)
John E Roberts (SEI, USA)
Igor Steinmacher (UTFPR, Brazil)
* Experience Reports co-chairs:
Ricardo Britto (Ericsson, Sweden)
Rajeev Gupta (Siemens Healthineers, India)
* Publicity chair
Eray Tüzün (Bilkent University, Turkey)
* Proceedings chair
Awdren Fontão (UFMS, Brazil)
Igor Fabio Steinmacher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Igor Steinmacher, PhD
Assistant Professor

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