[ecoop-info] Research Assistant/Associate in PL/VMs

Laurence Tratt laurie at tratt.net
Tue Feb 16 11:21:38 CET 2021

The soft-dev team at King's has an open position for a Research Assistant or
Associate: apply on or before March 7th.

This position requires a mix of research and engineering to understand how
Virtual Machines (e.g. PyPy, V8) can be adapted to run effectively under a
hardware capability system such as CHERI. After starting by experimenting
with toy Virtual Machines to understand the problem, the successful
applicant will start to apply the techniques learned to gradually larger VMs
such as V8.

Excellent programming skills (in a language such as C#/C++/Java/Rust) are
required for this role as is the ability to work well with others (this
project is split between Glasgow and King's). However, there is no
expectation that the successful applicant will have previous experience with
VMs: they will join a friendly team with existing VM skills to learn from
and share with.

We are also comfortable, and experienced, with long-term mostly-remote work
within the UK: in the short term my expectation is that this position will
be fully remote within the UK.

More details can be found here:


You are welcome to email me with any informal queries you may have.

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