[ecoop-info] Temporary position - efficient and trustworthy software for (autonomous) drones

Fri Feb 19 19:06:31 CET 2021

The LSEA (Embedded and Autonomous Systems Design) laboratory offers a temporary contract and looking for highly motivated people with skills in drones and the technologies mentioned below. Competence in modelling and/or AI is a plus, but not required. In the context of the European ECSEL project Comp4Drones [1], we are working on drone systems with a focus on a logistics use case. Our lab is active in the specification/modeling of the elements that are required for executing this use case. The software running on the drone will be based on Ardupilot [2] or PX4 [3], a link with ROS/ROS2 will be established via MAVLINK [6] and its ROS variants, notably MAVROS [7]. Besides the physical drone, we also target execution in simulators such as AIRSIM [8] and Gazebo [9].
The LSEA lab works on methods, design principles and tools for the engineering of efficient and trustworthy software for embedded and autonomous systems. The lab is part of CEA, one of the best ranked research institution in the world (https://www.reuters.com/innovation/most-innovative-institutions-2019), with an annual budget of €4.7 billion and about 16K staff members across France. The LSEA has a recognized expertise in the field of model-based design of safety-critical systems, and has initiated an upstream work for the mastery of advanced technologies of safe self-adaptation and integration of trustworthy autonomy in critical systems. The laboratory plays an important role in standardization groups like AUTOSAR in the automotive domain as well as in the OMG (Object Management Group) standardization body responsible for the UML, SysML and MARTE standards, and contributes to the Eclipse open source model-based development platform Papyrus (https://www.eclipse.org/papyrus). The customization for the robotics domain [4] (Papyrus for Robotics) provides code generation for ROS2 [5]. Lab members are strongly involved in various industrial projects as well as collaborative French and European research projects for the development of model-based approaches for the design of autonomous real-time systems for robotics, automotive, railway, aerospace and smart energy systems.

[1] https://www.comp4drones.eu/
[2] https://ardupilot.org/dev/index.html
[3] https://px4.io/
[4] https://www.eclipse.org/papyrus/components/robotics/
[5] https://index.ros.org/
[6] https://mavlink.io/en/
[7] http://wiki.ros.org/mavros
[8] https://microsoft.github.io/AirSim/
[9] http://gazebosim.org/

HIRING PROCEDURE: Interested applicants should send their CV and two reference letters to Ansgar Radermacher (ansgar.radermacher at cea.fr) as soon as possible, as applications will be reviewed immediately as they arrive (first come first served). The position will have a duration of 12 months.

WORKING AND LIVING IN PARIS: Our offices are located on the Plateau de Saclay, south of Paris, the French biggest research and industry cluster. Our welcome agency France Accueil is available to help you find your home and settle here. Most of us live either in the wooden and quiet southern suburbs of Paris or closer to the bustling center of the city. Paris is the capital of France, a metropolis of 12.5 million people and one of the most visited travel destination in the world.

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